4 Work Life Balance Tips for Digital Marketers #smlondon

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If you’re a digital marketer, you’ll understand the struggle that is leaving your work, at work.

New technology has meant the world is at our fingers tips. But it also means work, emails and social accounts are at our finger tips, too. This is great for flexible working, but actually has a downside in that we can never really leave our work at work.

Checking your social media accounts from outside of work hours may seem like a good idea, but it’s actually detrimental to your mental health. You need time away from work, whether you know it or not.

Here are some of my top tips to help you separate work from home:

1) Schedule, sort and send!

There are plenty of amazing tools that exist to make any digital marketer’s life easier. Whether it’s Tweetdeck, Buffer or Hootsuite, find a tool that caters to your needs and use it to your advantage! Schedule things ahead of time and make sure all your work is done before you have to leave the office.

2) Have adequate cover:

This point may be a little out of the question for smaller brands and businesses, but hiring another person for your social media team may be the answer to your work/life issues! Making sure there’s adequate cover will ensure that you stop checking back in on your mobile phone of laptop at home. Shift work in social isn’t uncommon and it allows members of the team away from social and work.

3) Prioritise:

Prioritise your daily tasks and you’re more likely to get everything done earlier, so you don’t have to worry about it at home or after work.

4) Turn off notifications:

Simple but effective, turning off notifications on social media accounts and emails can save you from constantly checking anything. It’s near impossible to switch off from work when you have notifications popping up on your screen left, right and centre. So change the settings on your phone to avoid the reminders!

The big question:

In my recent #smlondon tweetchat, I asked: as a digital marketer, do you believe that you can leave your work in the office?

The answers:

What do you think? Let us know in the comments below!

Ruby Lowe

Ruby is a social media manager.