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Top 10 Most Popular #smlondon Posts of 2016

This year I’m humbled to have been asked by Jörgen Sundberg to produce Social Media London’s ‘top 10 posts of 2016’ post.

I’ve been an author for Social Media London since 2015, and the past couple of years have seen a lot of change not only with user behaviour, but with the social networks themselves as live video, audio and 360 content has become mainstream.

This year the UK’s number one social media blog & community has seen articles looking at the emotional connection between brands and their audiences, how to achieve social media ROI and what we need to know about everything from WeChat to Facebook’s reactions.

So without further ado, here are the Top 10 posts of 2016 from the #smlondon blog in descending order…

10th Place – Emotional Branding and the Strange Case of Lynx (123 Shares)

Written by guest author Simon Kay of EMC back in February, the post achieved 123 shares across Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest & Google+.

Simon’s post looks at how Lynx leveraged emotional branding into their campaigns, and how it helped them build relationships with their existing audiences, as well as develop new relationships.

You can read Simon’s post here.

9th Place – Is PR Playing a Dangerous Game with Influencer Marketing? (126 Shares)

Written by Mark Dandy, Co-Founder of Parental Influence, the post looks at the relationship between influencer marketing and Public Relations.

Published in September 2016, Mark’s post achieved 126 shares across the multiple social networks.

You can read Mark’s post here.

8th Place – A Guide to Influencer Marketing (136 Shares)

Written by then in-house Laurence Hebberd in May 2016, ‘A Guide to Influencer Marketing’ achieved a total of 136 shares.

Influencer marketing is defined as “identifying and targeting individuals with an influence over consumers”, and can include everyone from celebrities, to pro-bloggers to regular consumers with a large following. To succeed with influencer marketing, you need a combination of strong strategy, the correct tools and authentic engagement.

The post is an in-depth guide to influencer marketing and is full of helpful statistics, tips and infographics. You can read the post here.

~6th Place – 23 Community Management Tips by #smlondon Members #CMAD (144 Shares)

In joint 6th place is another post from the in-house team at Social Media London. Achieving 144 social shares since it was published in January, this post drawing on the expertise of 23 #smlondon members contains insights from Social Media professionals. such as Pippa Akram, Jade Beckett and Dom Graham.

You can read the post here.

~6th Place – 31 Tips for Travel Companies Using Social Media in 2016 (144 Shares)

The other joint 6th most popular post on the #smlondon blog comes from Tom Mcloughlin, director of SEO Travel, a travel marketing company based in Yorkshire, again achieving 144 social shares.

As the world of travel becomes increasingly more competitive, Tom’s post outlines 31 great tips for travel companies to utilise social media to their advantage and stand out from the crowd. You can read Tom’s post here.

5th Place – How to Use Social Media for Lead Generation (158 Shares)

In fifth place is another post from the #smlondon team. With a total of 158 social shares, this post focuses on how to use social media for lead generation.

A lead is someone who has indicated interest in your company’s product or service, in some way, shape or form. Lead generation is the process of attracting and converting strangers and prospects into leads.

The post offers some fantastic insights, and can be read here.

4th Place – Why LinkedIn Is Becoming Facebook (159 Shares)

In fourth place is a post from myself. Written in July, my post looks at the growing issue of LinkedIn members posting content that others deem not appropriate for the network, and the conflicts that this is causing amongst it’s members.

You can read the post here.

And now onto the top 3 most popular posts of 2016…

3rd Place – LinkedIn Hits 20 Million Members in the UK (187 Shares)

In third place is another post from the #smlondon team, taking stock and looking back at how LinkedIn has developed and grown to more than 20-million UK members.

You can read the post here.

2nd Place – Can Some Brands Finally Put Two Fingers Up at SEO? (191 Shares)

#smlondon guest author Danny Buck (online retail entrepreneur and digital property developer) published this post in September 2016 and looks at the topic of whether or not SEO is no longer worthwhile for some brands.

If you’re a brand looking for new customers, get off your lazy ass and jump into it – you’re guaranteed to find a huge chunk of your customers on social media. Don’t worry if you think you’re ‘bad’ at social – tweet as you talk in real life, no-one worth caring about will criticise you for it, and it’ll show people you have a personality.

You can read Danny’s post here.

And now, the most popular #smlondon post of 2016…

1st Place – Your Content Should Be About Your Customers, Not About You (210 Shares)

Published in January 2016, this blog tackles the topic that your content should be about your audience and not self promotion.

With useful tips and examples about your on-site blog, email marketing and social media efforts the post achieved 210 social shares.

You can read the most popular post of 2016 here.