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7 Tips to Using YouTube for Marketing Purposes #smlondon

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In a world that is almost fully HD, with countless uploads every second, the fastest way to reach masses is through YouTube. Aside from being a video repository, YouTube has an enormous marketing potential. Its users are ten times more likely to engage, embed, and share contents than on other social media. In short, YouTube…

Why Travel Brands Must Adopt Live Video & VR in 2017

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Video is a powerful marketing tool used by travel and tourism brands in order to present the experiences they offer as well taking their audiences to the destinations (virtually). If you’re a travel brand and you’ve not yet invested in these new technologies, do so, now, because nobody will remember the brand that isn’t first.…

Why Video Marketing is Important for 2016 #smlondon

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Video has been on the rise throughout 2015 and it’s predicted that this is only going to increase further in the coming years.  More and more marketers are taking advantage of this for their marketing their brand on social media, so if you’re not taking advantage of video, then you really should start! This infographic…

7 Ways to Repurpose Your Content Visually #smlondon

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Everyone knows that visual content is important. However, did you know that it’s been proven that visual content is the most important tactic in optimising social media posts? If you’re looking for maximum engagement, then visual is the way to go. But in what ways can you repurpose your existing content to work as a…

How to Ensure Your Video is Successful on Social Media #smlondon

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Videos are becoming more and more important for brands than they ever have before. They have the ability to evoke strong emotions, though humour, curiosity and trust – making them a terrific type of content that can help create relationships between your brand and customers. The term ‘viral’, relates to a piece of content circulating rapidly…

A Guide to YouTube Marketing for Brands #smlondon

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How do you go about creating engaging content for YouTube? How do you reach a large audience with your videos? How can you drive action from viewers? To answer these questions I’ve had a chat with Aimee Bateman who is the founder of CareerCake.com. She’s a consultant, speaker and skills trainer, YouTube expert and she was…