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Social Media Trends for Travel Brands in 2017 #smlondon

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A lot of brands found found social media difficult in 2016, especially travel brands given the number of high profile incidents that discouraged travel to a lot of locations. While it appears that some social media platforms are moving towards paid advertising models, others are making algorithm changes to suit user experiences, limiting the organic…

Why Travel Brands Must Adopt Live Video & VR in 2017

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Video is a powerful marketing tool used by travel and tourism brands in order to present the experiences they offer as well taking their audiences to the destinations (virtually). If you’re a travel brand and you’ve not yet invested in these new technologies, do so, now, because nobody will remember the brand that isn’t first.…

31 Tips for Travel Companies Using Social Media in 2016 #smlondon

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With the number of people using social media consistently increasing, it’s highly likely that most travel companies are now active on social media in some shape or form, whether it is running multi-platform campaigns or breaking at the seams just trying to keep their Facebook page updated. However, in such a fast changing environment it’s…

Do Turkish Airlines Even Get Social Media? #smlondon

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Creating a decent social-led campaign can be difficult. The lines can be somewhat blurred between social media, marketing and PR…they all want a piece of the social media pie (and who can blame them!). Turkish Airlines is not the brand I thought would inspire my next blog post, but sometimes simple things work extremely well.…

Why Travel Brands Take Flight on Social Media #smlondon

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Travel brands really have an opportunity to succeed when it comes to social media. There have been some really popular Instagram accounts, showcasing incredible views and places around the world thanks to airlines, hotels and booking sites. Numbers are increasing quickly as people follow more travel brands on social but, why do they work so…