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6 Content Ideas to Boost your Social Media Campaigns #smlondon

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Nothing is worse than tirelessly constructing content that will die in relevancy faster than it circulates. Because of this, it’s important to create a backbone of evergreen content to keep you afloat. Once you develop a functioning evergreen system, it becomes easier than ever to routinely update your social media profiles with content your followers…

5 Ways to Make Customers Promote Your Brand on Social Media

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Today, customers are constantly interacting via social media – not only with one another but also with brands. This is a great opportunity to satisfy your customers and let them do the work for you. A happy customer is the best advertisement possible, and people tend to pay attention to online reviews, even if they…

How to Implement Social Collaboration and Learning into Your Company #smlondon

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What is social collaboration and learning? How can organisations benefit from using these? We recently spoke with James Tyer, Global Lead of Social Collaboration at Kellogg Company – and you can listen to the interview below (or on iTunes and SoundCloud): Why do companies need social collaboration and learning? Lots of companies have pretty outdated business models – they…

How CMOs Use Twitter #smlondon

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Following Chief Marketing Officers might be the best source of getting relevant, up-to-date industry insights, and Twitter allows anyone who’s keen to get exactly that. But how do CMOs use Twitter? If you’re looking for more information about chief marketing officers and Twitter, then this article is for you. Leadtrail and Neustar took a look at…

OnePiece Introduce #HackThePrice Social Campaign #smlondon

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OnePiece have taken over Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is their latest social campaign which is both unique and original. OnePiece show that they are more invested in their customers and building relationships with them on social than profit. The price is now down at $69! Get in on the offer & hack the price even…