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This is, essentially, what #smlondon is all about.

What Is Social Media? #smlondon

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Social media is all too often treated with a reverence that is not necessary. It is just another form of communication and shouldn’t be treated with any special rules which elevate it over any other form of communication. Key takeaways Social media is just another way to communicate. It’s word of mouth but with the…

Why Do People Love Animals on Social Media? #smlondon

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Back in the day, anyone who heard the word “viral” would immediately think of microscopic contagions that make people sick and spread disease. These days, it’s quite a different story. Now when you hear about something going viral, you can pretty much bet that it’s in reference to a piece of online media that’s been…

10 Tips to Enhance Your Brand’s Social Presence #smlondon

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From multinational corporations (MNC) to small-medium enterprises (SMEs), brands have been using social media platforms as tools to stay connected with their audiences. Social media has also become an avenue for sharing brand updates and establishing personal relationships with prospective customers. For companies to thrive in today’s highly digital world, they need to bring their…

Influencer Marketing for Beginners #smlondon

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Of all the ways that the internet has changed society, one the most paradigm-shifting developments has been the creation of the blog. Now, individuals can share their thoughts, opinions and ideas with the entire world in just a few clicks. Obviously, not all of these bloggers will capture worldwide attention, but some of them will prove…

Why Social Media Means Just That #smlondon

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To work in social media you need to be exactly that: social. Therefore, involving yourself in every facet of the marketing mix and the business is so important. Involve social media in everything you do: Social media and managing social media cannot be viewed in isolation. It, now more than ever, needs to form part…

5 Reasons Why You’re Losing Followers #smlondon

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You’ve been watching your numbers grow, and your excitement has been building as you feel like you’re really gaining some momentum in your social media endeavors. Then one day, you’ve lost 20% of your followers – almost overnight! You wonder what you did wrong, and how this happened. Then you begin to panic and wonder…