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The State of UK Content Marketing in 2017

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joe pulizzi

UK marketers who report high levels of commitment to content marketing do things differently than their peers, and that provides some useful insight for all content marketers. That’s just one of the findings in the new content marketing research, Content Marketing in the UK 2017: Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends by Content Marketing Institute (CMI). The…

What Connects Social Media and the Workplace? #smlondon

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What are the most popular social networks for recruiting and job search? What is smart working and how do you embrace it? How can climbing rocks help us in the office? To answer these questions and more, I’ve had the pleasure of speaking to Julia Jachmann who is the Global Social Media Manager for the Adecco…

How to Build a Social Recruiting Strategy #smlondon

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What is social media recruitment and how can your organisation benefit from it? To find out we had a chat with Andy Headworth, author of “Social Media Recruitment, How to Successfully Integrate Social Media into Recruitment Strategy” and Managing Director of Sirona Consulting. He’s also an award-winning blogger and speaker on the international recruiting conference circuit. You can…

A Guide to YouTube Marketing for Brands #smlondon

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how to ace youtube

How do you go about creating engaging content for YouTube? How do you reach a large audience with your videos? How can you drive action from viewers? To answer these questions I’ve had a chat with Aimee Bateman who is the founder of CareerCake.com. She’s a consultant, speaker and skills trainer, YouTube expert and she was…

How to Boost Your Inbound Marketing on Social Media #smlondon

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What is inbound marketing and why is it so important?

Well, inbound marketing is a great way to get people to your own message. At the simplest level, it's driving traffic to your values. I really look at it with the rise of the internet as the best way to market because as you put out your message, your ideas, your content, your status updates, you end up attracting people that align with how you already see the world. So instead of paying for direct mail and ads and trying to convince people it's who you are, you just keep telling people who and what you are and who you help and have content that supports that. You end up forming

What exactly is inbound marketing and why should you be doing it in conjunction with social media? I recently had a chat about this with David Smooke who is an expert in this field. You can listen to the audio podcast on iTunes and Soundcloud (embed below) or keep reading for a summary of our conversation, a longer version is available at…

How a Global Shipping Company Excels at B2B Social Media #smlondon

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What's been the key to Maersk Line's social media success?

I think the first stage of Maersk Line success has centred around the fact that a “boring” B2B shipping company like Maersk Line had taken that step in what is traditionally a very unseen industry. The fact that we’ve got such highly engaged audience and network has traditionally been the source of our success, but who are they? We recently conducted a social media audit to determine who our followers are and prove, in finite terms, the potential of social media. Having the numbers has been helpful internally as hard data is a language that the organisation understands. We’ve been able to prove that social media isn’t just the light and fluffy stuff. It is something that even Maersk Line has to take exceptionally seriously. So buildin

How can a seemingly dull B2B company use social media to its advantage? We have previously written a case study on how Maersk Line use social media, in this follow-up I’m catching up with Davina Rapaport, who is the Pulse and Social Media Manager at the Danish shipping giant. You can listen to the audio podcast on iTunes and Soundcloud (embed…