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5 Innovative Ways to Use Facebook Groups #smlondon

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using facebook groups

Facebook groups are pretty underrated. The possibility of creating special groups within this giant network hold a true potential for canny marketers. Because today there are lots and lots of other “methods” and “strategies” for generating traffic and brand awareness, Facebook groups often become neglected. In most of the cases, managing a Facebook group doesn’t take…

Why You Should Create Your Facebook Group NOW! #smlondon

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So you have (hopefully) read the news last week, Facebook rolled out another standalone app: ‘Facebook Groups’. Although you might have thought ‘Another app, again!?’, you better take it seriously! How Facebook marketing is done: Users shape up Facebook but it also works the way around. Let’s be honest: thanks to its algorithm, Facebook is also…

Why You Should Use LinkedIn Groups [VIDEO] #smlondon

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Right so you have a good LinkedIn profile, you have connected to a few people but you’re looking to get more out of LinkedIn. What should you do? One obvious place to start is checking out the groups section, which is essentially discussion forums hosted on LinkedIn.…