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5 Ways to Make Customers Promote Your Brand on Social Media

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Today, customers are constantly interacting via social media – not only with one another but also with brands. This is a great opportunity to satisfy your customers and let them do the work for you. A happy customer is the best advertisement possible, and people tend to pay attention to online reviews, even if they…

4 Simple Ways to Convert Blog Readers Into Loyal Customers #smlondon

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Starting a blog is easy. However, creating content, products, and services that can entice audiences can be the most challenging part. How can you be sure that your blog is targeting the right audience? There are at least four ways to turn mere blog visitors into customers. What’s in a blog? The first few months…

Your Content Should Be About Your Customers, Not About You #smlondon

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One of the most common question themes I see thrown about forums and LinkedIn groups: Why won’t anybody engage with my content? Now by content I mean your inbound marketing efforts – your communication with your existing and prospective digital audiences. If we are honest with ourselves as marketers, we know that not every piece…

How is Social Media Use Affecting Customer Service? #smlondon

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Like it or not complaints are unfortunately an inevitable part of business and you can’t keep everyone happy. The way that you respond to them can have a significant impact on the reputation of your company, so it’s important that you handle them with care. Over the years customer service has made a shift to online,…

How to Build Customer Service Relationships on Twitter #smlondon

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Customer service is an important element of any B2C business – as you are selling a product, and you need to ensure that the consumer has the best experience while purchasing. Some companies can do it well, and some companies are, frankly, awful at it. We’ve all seen amazing brand interactions, and companies who just get…