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6 Content Ideas to Boost your Social Media Campaigns #smlondon

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ideas for evergeen content

Nothing is worse than tirelessly constructing content that will die in relevancy faster than it circulates. Because of this, it’s important to create a backbone of evergreen content to keep you afloat. Once you develop a functioning evergreen system, it becomes easier than ever to routinely update your social media profiles with content your followers…

10 Tips for Better Understanding Your Social Media Audience #smlondon

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By now, most businesses have a clear understanding of how a powerful marketing tool social media is. Unfortunately, they fall into the trap of their own misconstrued idea that its sole purpose is to get their brand messaging across the public. They fail to see that social media’s most formidable function is, in fact, inbound information…

What Type of Visual Content Succeeds on Social Media? #smlondon

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Carrying out a successful content marketing campaign involves more than simply utilizing relevant text-based content. Today, 65% of people are visual learners with 90% of information absorbed by the brain more visual than text-based. Furthermore, presentations with visual aids end up being 43% more persuasive than text-dominant ones. Being a visual learner myself, I’ve experienced…

How Marketers Can Benefit from User Generated Content #smlondon

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Did you know you can take your marketing efforts one step further with user generated content? Posting user generated content on your social channels is not only a great branding tool, but it’s also shows potential customers or clients that your product is not only marketed well but also genuinely loved by real people. Offerpop have…

The 12 Rules of Content Creation #smlondon

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Content creation is a must for every business using social media – if you want to attract inbound links and, more importantly, leads, you need to be creating interesting and exciting content. The 12 rules below, outlined in the infographic by Placester, give you 12 steps to follow to ensure your content is on point. Any…