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5 Innovative Ways to Use Facebook Groups #smlondon

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using facebook groups

Facebook groups are pretty underrated. The possibility of creating special groups within this giant network hold a true potential for canny marketers. Because today there are lots and lots of other “methods” and “strategies” for generating traffic and brand awareness, Facebook groups often become neglected. In most of the cases, managing a Facebook group doesn’t take…

The #CMADSelfie Hall of Fame 2016 #CMAD #smlondon

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It’s every community manager’s favourite day of the year – Community Manager Appreciation Day! For the third year in a row, we’re running our #CMADSelfie Hall of Fame. In partnership with our friends at My Community Manager, we’ll be updating this Hall of Fame throughout the day. Want to be part of it? Simply post a selfie…

23 Community Management Tips by #smlondon Members #CMAD

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Happy Community Manager Appreciation Day! Every year, for one day, we get to celebrate the fact that we slave away behind Twitter accounts and Facebook pages to keep social media running (kind of). After the success of our predictions article, we wanted to ask some of our #smlondon community members about their community management knowledge.…

How to Do Community Management Correctly #smlondon

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Why do brands need community management? Why should your social media manager NOT be your community manager? And how does Phil Collins fit into it all? To get some answers, I’ve had a chat with Christie Fidura of The Perfect Circle, former manager of the Adobe Community for EMEA and organiser of the Community Manager London Meetup.…

How to Beat Facebook’s Declining Organic Reach #smlondon

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If you’ve managed a Facebook page over the past couple of years, you’ll know that Facebook’s organic reach has declined gradually since 2013. If you’ve created a Facebook page recently and have tried to build and encourage an engaged audience without paying for it; I feel your pain. But it’s not all bad: The organic reach “algorithm” won’t actually…