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6 Content Ideas to Boost your Social Media Campaigns #smlondon

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ideas for evergeen content

Nothing is worse than tirelessly constructing content that will die in relevancy faster than it circulates. Because of this, it’s important to create a backbone of evergreen content to keep you afloat. Once you develop a functioning evergreen system, it becomes easier than ever to routinely update your social media profiles with content your followers…

6 Brands That Have Created Donald Trump Inspired Ad Campaigns #smlondon

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While most of the world still comes to grips with Donald Trump’s surprising election win on November 8th, a few savvy brands are taking advantage of the U.S. election to craft creative ads that play off of the more controversial elements of Trump’s campaign. As a general rule, brands are discouraged from getting mixed up…

3 Brands with Killer Social Media Techniques #smlondon

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Social media has become a crucial extension of digital marketing, and this is why lot of companies have jumped on the social media bandwagon. We have heard a lot about famous brands and how they are winning it on social media. We have also learnt all the possible lessons from them. In this article, I…

5 Key Components of a Successful Social Media Campaign #smlondon

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It goes without saying that today companies understand the power of social media. However, many of them start hundreds of social media campaigns that never accomplish anything substantial. With no clear objective beyond getting fans and followers, social media campaigns often fail. Social media gives businesses a chance to manage their online reputation and engage…

How Can O2 #BeMoreDog on Social Media? #smlondon

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O2, a hugely successful phone company are known for being unique – from their great TV adverts to interesting campaigns, they really know how to stand out from the crowd. Most recently, O2 Sports released a campaign supporting the England team for the Rugby World Cup, which was definitely a tear jerker. They also particularly stand…

How Brands and Companies Celebrated Back to the Future Day #smlondon

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We’re officially in the “future” ladies and gents. Today – October 21st 2015 – is the day that Marty McFly and Doc Brown travel to in that famous movie about the future. Of course, in this modern future thing we’re part of, there are now things called “hashtags” where people and “brands” can place “tweets”…