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Social Media Trends for Travel Brands in 2017 #smlondon

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A lot of brands found found social media difficult in 2016, especially travel brands given the number of high profile incidents that discouraged travel to a lot of locations. While it appears that some social media platforms are moving towards paid advertising models, others are making algorithm changes to suit user experiences, limiting the organic…

10 Tips to Enhance Your Brand’s Social Presence #smlondon

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From multinational corporations (MNC) to small-medium enterprises (SMEs), brands have been using social media platforms as tools to stay connected with their audiences. Social media has also become an avenue for sharing brand updates and establishing personal relationships with prospective customers. For companies to thrive in today’s highly digital world, they need to bring their…

Why Your Brand Should Consider Live Tweeting Popular Events #smlondon

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Along with live streaming, live tweeting forms the other half of the “live” activities that are currently taking the social media world by storm. Live tweeting refers to when a Twitter user watches or participates in an event while simultaneously tweeting about it. Live tweeting can be divided into two categories: “on-site” and “on-couch”. On-site…

How Social Branding Boosts Consumer Engagement #smlondon

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Social branding is only for established companies, right? The ones that already have a sizeable following and the know-how to create memorable activation campaigns. Whilst it’s true that bigger businesses command larger audiences, there’s no reason why your London startup can’t, at least, emulate some of this success. A business is only as good as…

3 Brands with Killer Social Media Techniques #smlondon

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Social media has become a crucial extension of digital marketing, and this is why lot of companies have jumped on the social media bandwagon. We have heard a lot about famous brands and how they are winning it on social media. We have also learnt all the possible lessons from them. In this article, I…