How to Ensure Your Video is Successful on Social Media #smlondon

Videos are becoming more and more important for brands than they ever have before. They have the ability to evoke strong emotions, though humour, curiosity and trust – making them a terrific type of content that can help create relationships between your brand and customers.

The term ‘viral’, relates to a piece of content circulating rapidly and widely from one internet user to another. It could be anything from a image to a tweet, but videos seem to have a lot of scope when it comes to gaining traction and going viral.

There is no secret formula to making a video go viral, but there are definitely some ways that you can ensure your video gains some traction. WhoIsHostingThis have put together this handy infographic with some great tips on how to get your video to go viral.

Use the ‘6 Stepps’:

  1. S – Social Currency: Why would be people share your video? Is it so they can share humour, spark some controversy or spread knowledge? Work out why and you’ll get an understanding of your audience.
  2. T – Triggers: Include some imagery that immediately lets people know the video is from your brand or company.
  3. E – Emotion: Tap into peoples emotions!
  4. P – Public: Thank people for sharing your video or even better, incentivise shares.
  5. P – Practical Value: You need to make sure viewers can take something away from your video.
  6. S – Stories: Make sure the video tells a story about your brand.

Choose the right title:

  • Make sure it’s intriguing.
  • Use keywords so it’s easily discoverable.
  • Keep it informative.
  • Try and make it unique as possible.
  • Although the title should be intriguing, DONT make it took clickbait-y.

Consider time of posting:

  • Videos posted on Thursdays or Fridays get 18% more engagement.
  • RTs are highest at around 5pm, so share your video on Twitter then.
  • Click through rates are highest on Wednesdays.

Have you got any other tips for getting a video to go viral? Let us know in the comments below.

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