13 Tips for a Successful Facebook Brand Page #smlondon

Facebook – it’s the biggest social network out there, and if you don’t get your presence right, you’ll be in trouble. With 75% of brands on Facebook using advertise to reach a wider audience, it’s more and more difficult to cut through the noise.

Quill have outlined, in the infographic below, 13 useful tips for making sure your page on the site is extremely successful.

1) Picture:

It’s your identity and how you’ll be recognised. Your logo will do just fine.

[Tweet “Make sure your profile photo on Facebook is high quality to catch people’s attention. #smlondon”]

2) Cover photo:

Choose an image which is attractive, and relevant to your business. Here’s ours:

Oh yes – and make it high quality! There’s nothing worse than a pixelated cover photo.

3) Photo links:

A lot of people miss this tip – but don’t forget to linkback to your site in the descriptions of your profile/cover photo. If people click on the photo, they’ll be able to easily find your website or an interesting blog post.

4) About:

What does your company offer? How long has it been running? Who is on the team?

All this information and more should be available readily in the About section – so fill it out!

5) Call-to-action:

In a recent update, Facebook rolled out a call-to-action button on all pages.

There are 7 options available:

  1. Sign Up
  2. Shop Now
  3. Contact Us
  4. Book Now
  5. Use App
  6. Watch Video
  7. Play Game

Don’t miss out on that all-important click-through – choose a suitable option on your button!

6) Milestones:

One of the hidden treasures on Facebook is the milestones, so why not add the date your company was founded?

[Tweet “Add interesting milestones onto your Facebook page. #smlondon”]

What date was that product launched? When was that major event? Add them in!

7) Apps:

Something which has been a stellar part of Facebook for a while are apps – and you can still add them to your page to make it go further – such as selling tickets, or looking for job applicants.

8) Visual content:

Photos and videos are the way future – so always have a visual element to your update.

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9) Variety:

Don’t post the same promotional rubbish all day, every day. Mix it up and go with the 70-20-10 rule:

  • 70% of content should be from useful, and adding value to the community.
  • 20% of content should be from other people.
  • 10% of content should be promotional.

[Tweet “Only 10% of updates on your Facebook page should be promotional. #smlondon”]

10) Pin:

In the same way as pinning a tweet, you can pin a Facebook post too – such as a promotion or exciting piece of news.

11) Publishing and targeting:

Facebook (and tools) offer a plethora of publishing and targeting tools, even allowing users to schedule expiration dates on content!

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12) Engagement:

Don’t just look at likes and shares – click into the Insights and dig deeper.

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13) Moderate:

Interact with your fans/likes on a regular basis – and also keep an eye on those comment conversations taking place on your page!

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[Featured image: Unsplash / Nghia Le]

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