Social Media for Business in 2016: The Ultimate Checklist #smlondon

Are you still stuck with social media in 2016? Are you beginning a new business and looking for a social media strategy? Do you need a refresh on the necessary networks? Then step this way…

Social media can be hard to get used to when a business is first starting out, but this infographic by The Whole Brain Group provides a checklist with tips on how to create a successful online social media presence.

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  • Make sure you know the age range, gender, occupation and location of your target audience before creating any content – don’t annoy people or promote yourself too much.
  • Your content needs to address the troubles of your audience, and answer any FAQs they may have. Start by writing a certain number of blog posts a week on various subjects – and don’t forget your target keywords!
  • On Facebook, don’t forget to tag other people and pages.
  • For Twitter, use Twitter Cards or Promoted Tweets to up the engagement on your content.
  • With LinkedIn, review your calendar on a weekly basis and connect with people you’ve met.
  • Following and featuring customers is a clever way to optimise your Instagram account.

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2016 Sensible Social Media Checklist for Businesses
(Source: The Whole Brain Group)

[Featured image: Shutterstock]