10 Super Simple Steps to Social Analytics Success #smlondon

When it comes to social media analytics, you need to take simple steps to get success, otherwise you’ll mess up and it won’t work. If you follow these 10 clear points, you’ll be reaching ultimate success very soon!

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10 steps:

  1. Questions: Firstly, outline your objectives – what do you want to track and why? What’s the reasons behind your tracking?
  2. Goals: Next, set defined and measurable goals which you can keep to and achieve.
  3. Timescale: Set clear timeframes for your monitoring – how long will it take you?
  4. Alerts: Don’t wait to find the spikes in activity – create alerts and track them instead!
  5. Results: Check your way through and filter the results.
  6. Themes/Influencers: Keep an eye on the top themes and influencers – who is talking, and about what?
  7. Dashboard: Make sure you collate your key metrics on one dashboard – keep it simple and clear!
  8. Compare: Once you have all the metrics, data and goals, compare them side by side.
  9. Expansion: Don’t keep to one view, expand it and spot new elements to incorporate.
  10. Share: Don’t keep these results and learnings to yourself, share them with other departments and people.

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