SOCIAL SMACKDOWN: Ryanair vs. easyJet #smlondon

Welcome back to another SOCIAL SMACKDOWN! This week, we’re comparing two competing airlines, Easyjet and Ryanair! Which brand is best on Twitter? Let’s delve into the depths of their Twitter accounts and find out!

Introducing the competitors:

Ryanair (@Ryanair):

Tweeting since: September 2013
Tweets: 48.9K
Following: 286
Followers: 157K
Klout score: 78

easyJet (@easyJet):

Tweeting since: May 2009
Tweets: 103K
Following: 8,769
Followers: 295K
Klout score: 86

ROUND ONE! The Content Clash:

Welcome to round one! In this round, we’re comparing the quality of the content posted on the competing brands Twitter accounts! Who’s posting the best content? Let’s take a look!

First let’s start with Ryanair! Ryanair post regularly with travel-based content, around 6 times a day, which is pretty impressive! Most of the posts include an image which boosts the shareability of the tweets, which is great to see.

I’ve noticed that they hop onto trends and relevant topics very well, such as this ‘plan your escape’ tweet in relation to Sepp Blatter leaving the FIFA organisation this week. You can see from the number of RTs and favourites, that the tweet did very well (in comparison to their usual content, anyway), and it shows the power of trend hacking. Very clever Ryanair!

They’ve also done similar things with funny days of the year, such as this post about #BurgerDay.

Something I have noticed about Ryanair’s content is that they do repeat a lot of tweets.  They post exactly the same text and image multiple times, sometimes even on the same day. I don’t think this look very good, and I think they should at least vary the image or the text.

Next let’s take a look at the content easyJet are posting!

easyJet are immediately more interesting to me, content wise. They post a mixture of images, Vines and text posts, with all the images looking very on-brand and contemporary. I was particularly struck by their Vines, which are high quality and informative.

easyJet post slightly less often than Ryanair, but I think the quality of easyJet’s content is much higher.

They post funny and engaging tweets with questions (such as the one below), that appeals to everyone.

I quite like the user generated images they use, and they create easyJet branded images to use with images that customers have sent them. I think they look great, and it would make me want to tweet them next time i’m going on holiday!

I do think that easyJet are missing a trick by not jumping on to trending topics or current news stories, like Ryanair have been doing.

Winner: The winner in my eyes is easyJet! I love their fun, relatable posts such as the travelator question.

ROUND TWO! The Chat Combat:

Welcome to round two, the round of the SOCIAL SMACKDOWN where we compare each brands engagement on Twitter.

Both the brands are continually replying to complaints, queries and questions on their respective Twitter accounts, which shows they are completely dedicated to using their Twitter accounts for customer service. The tweets are signed off by whomever is managing the account at that time, which I like to see as it makes responses seem more human and  personal, instead of just an automated brand response.

Both the brands are polite but professional when it comes tot heir responses and engagement. Usually I like to see some personality injected into brands responses, but I feel as many complaints are coming in from airports, the responses need to be straight to the point and fast. And I feel like this is exactly what both the brands are doing.

Winner: Both the brands have great engagement, so this round is a draw!

ROUND THREE! The Experiment:

Welcome to the third round, THE EXPERIMENT! In this round, we sneakily test both the brands on their responses. This week, I tweeted the same query to both the brands and waited it out to see which one would reply first, and which one would have the best reply.

Ryanair where the first to respond to me, with an informative tweet with a link to their webpage.

easyJet replied about an hour later, with an equally informative and professional tweet.

In previous Social Smackdowns, many competitiors didn’t bother to respond at all, or some took a while to do so. However, I’ve been well and truly impressed in this smackdown with the speed of both the brands responses (and they answered my question well!).

Winner: I was impressed by both Ryanair and easyJet – but for this round, the winner will have to be Ryanair simply because they were the first to reply.


So we’ve reached the end of another SOCIAL SMACKDOWN! Both our competitors are flying high (flying…geddit?) with the adrenaline of taking part in the SOCIAL SMACKDOWN, but who has won? Each of the brands have won one round…so now comes the hard part… who’s going to win? After long, hard and passionate discussions with my colleagues, I’ve finally decided that… the winners are… easyJet! Their overall content is very hugh quality and appeals to a wide audience. Well done easyJet! You are awarded the metaphorical crown.

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