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Want to Increase Social Media ROI? 10 Experts Share Their Tips

Social media is the mecca of content discussion and sharing. If your business wants something to be acknowledged, it has to be on social media. For 2017 you’ve decided to put more money towards your social media marketing strategy, but how do you increase your return on your investments? Here are 10 experts and their tips on how you can do just that!

1: Guy Kawasaki

Guy Kawasaki is an author, speaker, and entrepreneur from Silicon-Valley. He was part of the original Apple team that launched the first line of Macintosh Computers. In his book, The Art of Social Media: Power Tips for Power Users, Kawasaki says, “Content curation involves finding other people’s good stuff, summarizing it, and sharing it. Curation is a win-win-win: you need content to share; blogs and websites need more traffic; and people need filters to reduce the flow of information.” Use his advice to help increase engagement and ROI across all your business’ social channels. As for Guy Kawasaki, you can find him working as the chief evangelist over at Canva, an online graphic design tool.

2: Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk is the CEO of Vaynermedia and an internationally recognized YouTube creator with his own series, #AskGaryVee. In 2009, Vaynerchuck signed a 10-book deal with HarperStudio for one million dollars. Since then he has become a four-time New York Times bestselling author. His most recent novel is based on his YouTube series that showcases his entrepreneurial journey and at home life. In his book, #AskGaryVee: One Entrepreneur’s Take on Leadership, Social Media, and Self-Awareness, he says, “Snapchat is a gold mine of opportunity for any team that wants to create real relationships and build loyalty with its young fans.” Take this bestselling author’s advice if your business is looking to tap into a new audience.

3: Seth Godin

Seth Godin is a public speaker, blogger, and a globally recognized author with 18 books translated into over 35 different languages. As for his achievements, Godin has been inducted into the Direct Marketing Hall of Fame. His blog is a popular spot for marketers because he regularly gives insight and advice on how individuals can improve their brands. From his own personal experience as an acclaimed marketer, he states, “I resist the temptation to optimize this blog for traffic and yield. I’d rather force myself to improve it by having the guts to write better posts instead.” Seth Godin is a great example quality over quantity.

4: Aaron Lee

Aaron Lee is a social media blogger and the grand master of customer delight for Post Planner. His advice for how to increase ROI for your social media platforms is to bring it back to the customers. He tells Canva, “Brands tend to make a mistake by constantly promoting their product all the time without actually paying attention to their fans.” He reminds businesses that they are services for the people. Lee continues by saying, “The only time they would post is when they have something to promote. That doesn’t work. To be memorable, you have to be consistent.” For your business, use these social channels to relate to your audience and get to their level. Show off group lunches and coffee breaks with the team. Most importantly, keep a consistent routine when posting on your channels.

5: Ted Coine

Ted Coine is a Forbes Top 10 Social Media Power Influencer and the creator of switchandshift blog. He believes that influencers will become the future of marketing and companies need to adjust their marketing strategies if they want to progress. His advice for businesses is, “To make an influencer program successful, think of it as an ongoing mutual relationship, not merely a campaign.” Go past the formalities and really get to know who your influencers are.

6: Kim Garst

Like Coine, Kim Garst is also a Forbes Top 10 Social Media Power Influencer. She is the Founder and CEO of Boom! Social and a best-selling author. One of her tips to increase your brand’s social media ROI is to, “Use social media to drive people to your email list: Your email list is your most valuable online asset, so make sure you are using social media as a way to grow your subscriber base.” Utilize those social channels by giving your users an incentive to type out their email addresses. Make those connections!

7: Mari Smith

Mari Smith is a small business and Facebook marketing expert. She is also another one of Forbes’ Top 10 Social Media Power Influencers. One of Mari’s tips to help increase your followership for social is to, “Include like buttons on your website and blog. Having Facebook like buttons on your website and blog can direct traffic from these channels to your Facebook Page, turning blog readers and customers into social media fans.” This will show your audience there are multiple ways in which they can stay updated with your content.

8: Jeff Bullas

Jeff Bullas is a content marketing influencer and a social media strategist and speaker. He made Forbes’ Top 10 Social Media Power Influencers and The Huffington Post’s Top 100 Business Twitter Accounts. One of his tips for Twitter fiends is to “Automate the retweeting of your great content so it is not forgotten and buried in the archives (SocialOomph professional can be setup to do this).” Remember to roll out your old but still applicable content every once in a while to keep it fresh. They’re oldies but goodies.

9: Chris Brogan

Chris Brogan is a New York Times bestselling author, business advisor, and journalist. He is also the CEO of Media Group and a professional speaker. Brogan’s advice for social media is one for the ages. He says, “Stories are how we learn best. We absorb numbers and facts and details, but we keep them all glued into our heads with stories.” Remind your team that a great story is how your brand will be memorable across all social channels. Kristina Petrick of Aumcore notes how each platform calls for a different kind of story. Integrate that tactic into your social media strategy and you will be aces.

10: Ann Handley

Ann Handley is the Chief Content Officer at MarketingProfs, a LinkedIn Influencer, and a bestselling author. Her advice for marketers out there wishing to increase their ROI with social media is definition. She says, “Differentiation comes down to defining your unique value and communicating it through content. If you are not one of the big guys, who are you? Exploit your niche.” The essence of your business should be in all of your social posts. Define your business and your brand!

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These experts and their secrets may be exactly what your social media marketing strategy was missing. Take the time out to review some of their tips and integrate them into your social plan. All these experts have excellent track records, so take their advice!

Let’s take another look.

  1. Guy Kawasaki says content curation is a win-win-win
  2. Gary Vaynerchuk looks to Snapchat in order to reach a younger audience
  3. Seth Godin wants brands to focus on quality over quantity
  4. Aaron Lee reminds companies that they are for the people!
  5. Ted Coine wants you to go beyond the formalities and really get to know your influencers
  6. Kim Garst says to utilize your social channels to help build your email subscriber list
  7. Mari Smith will gain you more followers on social by telling your brand to add a Facebook like button on your website and blog
  8. Jeff Bullas uses Twitter automation to recycle old but good content
  9. Chris Brogan takes it back to the age old lesson of telling a story with your content
  10. Ann Handley finishes off these ten tips by reminding your business to establish its unique qualities by defining your brand

This blog post is written by Therese Palmere, she is a content writer for Aumcore, Digital marketing agency based in NYC, and specializes social media marketing.