Top 5 Resolutions to Revamp Your Social Media Presence in 2014 #smlondon

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2013, what a great year: trends went viral, “selfie” became the Oxford English Dictionary’s Word Of The Year, and content marketing hit its absolute peak. Even though 2014 has just started, predictions have been populating the world wide web since the very first hour of the new year, and resolutions have been written. Social media resolutions may not be so popular just yet, but are still a key part of the growth of any digital marketer, and theirs social media presence. Borrowing from my favourite reads from 2013, here there are my resolutions for the new year:

1) Be ready to jab before you hook:

In his new book ‘Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook’, Gary Vaynerchuck describes the ‘jab’ as social media content that is offered to the consumer. Whether you are sharing a white paper, an infographic, or a picture of your office puppy, this is the way the brand gives the customer something they want to engage with. After some well-placed jabs, you should hook the customer into agreeing to sale pitch, or your call to action. That’s what the ‘hook’ is: it is the conversion.

2) Stop, look, listen, engage, listen Again:

I slightly twisted a quote from Dave Kerpen’s book ‘Likeable Social Media’ for this. Let’s be honest, conversations happen whether you like it or not. However, unlike in the past, you can be involved in the conversation around your marketplace, and even better, around your own brand. So rearrange your workspace, listen, and engage. Once you know what your audience has to say, you will be able to help contribute and shape the conversation to your advantage.

3) Find your USP, shape your own community:

In ‘The Zen of Social Media Marketing’, Shama Kabani redefines marketing choices through the three actions “Attract, Convert, or Transform”. In order to attract, you have to find your unique selling point. Whether you are branding yourself or a company, ask yourself: what makes you inherently stand out? In the overcrowded and noisy market, what’s up your sleeve that makes you different from your competitors? Once you know what’s your ace in the pack, ask yourself: am I reflecting this in my online presence? You’d be surprised about how many companies assume it’s quite obvious, when in reality it is not.

4) Create content that makes you wittier, better-looking and taller:

Content marketing is the hottest marketing trend at the moment. However, specialists are predicting that soon the supply and demand for content will find its meeting point of finite content consumption and rising content availability, which Mark W. Schaefer has termed The Content Shock. You can take this two ways essentially. You can see it as really bad news, or as a way to stimulate content creators to up their game, and approach content creation in a fundamentally different way, as Ann Handley and C.C. Chapman suggest in the book ‘Content Rules’.

5) Spring cleaning your personal brand:

Let’s face it, working for 30 years in the same company with one revenue stream is not longer the norm. Especially when it comes to digital specialists, it’s essential to be able to see an opportunity whenever it raises, and do a bit of spring cleaning. Never hurt anyone, right? Whether you are searching for a career change or you are taking on side-projects, the rise of social recruitment is a good enough incentive for every professional to reassess their online presence. In ‘What Color is Your Parachute?’, Richard Bolles reminds us that, unlike the old days, “an employer will offer you a job because they were impressed by what Google turned up about you”.

What are your new year resolutions for social media? Any book you read that helped you or is helping you in achieving your goals? Comment below with your suggestions!

Author: Fab Giovanetti is a Social Media Strategist, Freelance Journalist and blogger am interested in anything geeky, healthy, and music related. Extremely curious and enthusiastic Anglophile, pottering occasionally on Diary of a Witty Chick.

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