Why Your Content Marketing Sucks (and How to Improve It) #smlondon

Your content sucks.

Sorry, but it’s true. It’s just not engaging enough – and that’s one of the main worries for content marketers right now. The top 5 priorities overall for content marketers are:

  1. 71%: becoming better storytellers.
  2. 65%: creating visual content.
  3. 57%: finding better ways to repurpose content.
  4. 51%: understanding which content is effective and which isn’t.
  5. 41%: creating more engaging content.

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How do you make your content more engaging? Integrate PEAC.

Practical value:

Avoid self-promoting, and try to be useful and practical to your readers. Content which just promotes your business can become quite boring and actually have a negative effect.

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People like to share content which is amusing, or entertaining, because it demonstrates we have good taste and can spur conversations and reactions/emotions.

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When it comes to viral content, awe is the most popular emotion evoked – and if someone shares something that is awe inspiring, people can get a sense of increased social currency.

Do you want people to share your content? Make them say wow!


You can be the best story-teller on the ‘net, but if your content isn’t backed up by well-researched and concrete proof, then there is no point trying.

The more trustworthy your content is, the more likely people are to share it.

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At the end of the day, it takes time and effort to get your content marketing right, but with a methodological approach, and a bit of PEAC, you’ll soon be getting the best results!

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