How Can O2 #BeMoreDog on Social Media? #smlondon

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O2, a hugely successful phone company are known for being unique – from their great TV adverts to interesting campaigns, they really know how to stand out from the crowd.

Most recently, O2 Sports released a campaign supporting the England team for the Rugby World Cup, which was definitely a tear jerker.

They also particularly stand out with their ‘Be More Dog’ campaign, using it as a way to bring out the rebellious side in people. They want their audience to try new things and experiment…just like a dog would do! Why be a cat when you could be more dog? It makes sense to me!

This is what a large part of their social media strategy is based on…especially on Instagram.

So, how does O2 stand out form the crowd on social? Let’s have a look:


Be More Dog is O2’s signature slogan and they use this on social media to draw in the crowds. Through Instagram, they broadcast behind-the-scenes of events and campaigns that they have produced. It shows that O2 is more of a community than a brand and makes you feel part of the experience.

They have even created the hashtag #PoochesOfPride and #WaggyTails for the Manchester Pride Parade and delivered ice cream around Manchester and London on custom buses:

Customer Service:

O2 are known for great customer service on social media as this is the fastest way you can get in contact with them.

O2 personalise each reply and treat each case individually instead of having a generic reply to all tweets. They invest time in their followers and this is shown clearly as they want to help and keep people happy.

They also provide helpful links if their problem can be solved via tips or advice from content on the website or elsewhere, even if the customer seems a little angry:

Humour and Competitions:

Following recent news that the Apple Pencil was being released for the iPad Pro, O2 followed in their footsteps and imagined their own version of this new technology. This is the type of content that has the ability to be shared by so many people because it is entertaining. Focusing on content like this is a great strategy to have on Twitter to keep your audience and other Twitter users engaged:


On Facebook especially, O2 are a big fan of video. They have over 1 million likes on Facebook so people expect exciting content and that is exactly what they are giving. Following on from the Rugby campaign, they have recently been releasing many short animated videos encouraging support for the England team. They are very creative videos that also have a great message and it is exciting to wonder about what will be coming next…


Overall O2 have a very clear strategy on social media. They know who they are targeting and always stand by their Be More Dog campaign. They are encouraging people to take risks, try different things and have this experience together with O2 which has been created visually.

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Casey Fleischmann

Casey is a social media manager.

Casey Fleischmann

Casey is a social media manager.