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Student at King's College London currently working with artificially intelligent social networking tool SoDash. Have run businesses in fireworks, chocolate and auctioning, as well as a worldwide published non-for-profit.

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7. Hate/love relationship ;)

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  • Hi Mans,
    How r u?
    I am a Sri Lankan British living in the UK for the last 22 Years. I am passionate about Internet Marketing, Network Marketing, Helping people to start up new business and Learning new skills.
    I like to share my business with you. To find out details, please visit my site http://www.globalhelp.acnrep.com

    I am the organizer of the Group http://www.meetup.com/Global-Entrepen... and would like to invite everyone to join the Group.


    Jul 30, 2011 6:14 AM

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