How to Manage Complaints on Social Media #smlondon

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If your company has a social presence, it’s pretty certain you’ll have to deal with bad comments. Here is how to manage complaints on social media.

It’s probably happened or will do one day – your company will receive a bad comment on social media. It could either be a small comment and not very important or could considerably damage your brand’s reputation.

Marketers have to be prepared to react quickly. Simon Kemp from We Are Social Singapore has made this very interesting and informative slideshow to explain what to do – his approach can be remembered with 3 As:

  • Alert: identify potential issues as early as possible.
  • Assess: determine the severity of the issue, and involve key stakeholders as required.
  • Act: manage the issue as efficiently and as effectively as possible.

Have a look at below and make it your guide in case you face a major problem one day.

To finish, here are 3 statistics we thought were particularly important:

  • This year, questions asked on brand pages have increased by 85%
  • 71% of consumers who DO receive a response go on to recommend the brand
  • reply to your consumers quickly: 32% expect a response with 30 minutes, 42% within one hour

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Arthur Habrial

Arthur is a social media manager.