5 Reasons Why You’re Losing Followers #smlondon

You’ve been watching your numbers grow, and your excitement has been building as you feel like you’re really gaining some momentum in your social media endeavors. Then one day, you’ve lost 20% of your followers – almost overnight!

You wonder what you did wrong, and how this happened. Then you begin to panic and wonder if you are going to be able to regrow your following. Relax. Chances are this is just a blip in your growth, and can be due to any number of things. Some of those things are beyond your control, but others may be because you’re making mistakes. Here are some of the reasons why you may be losing followers:

You’ve lost bots, not followers:

This is one that has nothing to do with you, and is beyond your control and has nothing to do with your posting habits. There are hundreds of thousands of fake accounts created to help increase and drive traffic to sites, many of which are run by computers.

Sometimes, the social media site will find batches of these fake accounts, and will purge them. While it may seem disappointing, it isn’t really losing anyone, you just had falsely inflated numbers.

You’ve lost your focus:

This is often the reason that people will stop following someone. Typically, there is a topic or theme that caught someone’s interest, and that is what they are expecting to read about. If you throw in too many irrelevant posts, they may tire of reading about your kids or your cat.

Make sure that you keep your posts focused if you wish to retain your following.

You’re not posting enough (too much):

Finding that sweet spot where you’re posting enough to keep your followers engaged, but not overwhelming their feed with posts can be hard when you’re trying to grow your following. If you post infrequently, followers may decide to drop you when they’re cleaning up their feed. At the same time, if they see you pop up every other post with redundancies, they may tire of trying to keep up.

Make sure that you’re posting enough to engage your followers, but not so much that you run them off.

You’re not engaging with your followers:

People today want to feel involved. If one of your followers posts or responds to something you said, take a moment to acknowledge it. If people feel insulted and like they’re being ignored or written off, they may leave.

You don’t need to keep up a full length conversation on every one of your posts, but you do need to make them feel as though they are a part of a discussion. Otherwise, you’re just talking at them, not to them.

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You’re trying too hard to sell something:

So this is one of the biggest reasons that people will quit following someone. While you may be building your following in hopes of selling some product or service, being too pushy can leave a bad taste for may people. No-one likes a pushy salesman, and they certainly don’t want their feed to turn into a bunch of advertisements. It’s okay to throw in a plug once in a while, but if you’re shoveling it into your feed all day, you can bet that some people will get sick of your marketing campaign and drop you from their feeds.

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Keeping your following strong and growing steadily is a balancing act that you will become better at with time. There will be ups and downs in your numbers as people delete accounts, change their focus, or change their lifestyles. Take the small ups and downs in stride, and don’t worry unless you see a steady decline over a period of time.

Author: Jessica Gust is a Marketing Assistant at Localpeek.co.uk – a new postcode finder. She is passionate about new marketing strategies, she is always eager to share her ideas through blogging.