Engaging Social Media Content: How to Bring Boring to Life #smlondon

This is the seventh in a series of ten articles from our recent #smlondon LIVE! 2015 event. To read the rest of the series, click here.

Kitchen appliances are pretty dull right? WRONG!

Not when Yossi Erdman gets involved anyway!

It’s his aim as Head of Brand and Social Media of ao.com to bring the boring to life and he’s certainly going about it the right way!

Yossi stole the show at #smlondon LIVE! 2015 with his witty sense of humour and several attendees even suggested that he has a career in stand up ahead of him.


If you didn’t catch his talk on creating engaging social content, here are a few of the key takeaways.

Why should you be using social media for marketing?

If your brand isn’t marketing on social media, then you really are missing a trick!

It’s cheap, it’s quick, really great for experimenting with what works well with your audience and can help to tie together your other marketing, such as TV ads and PR.

Not only this, but it’s a great tool for interacting with your customers directly, meaning you can receive immediate feedback from them, which is beneficial for both them and your brand.

The fast pace nature of it also means that you can get involved in real time trends, keeping content fresh and relevant.

Make content fun:

Let’s face it, dishwashers and washing machines aren’t exactly an exciting topic of conversation, so Yossi doesn’t have much to work with here…yet somehow he manages to pull it out of the bag! Time after time he comes up with content that engages their followers and really encourages the public to get involved.

He says the key to really good social media marketing is not getting lots of likes, it is encouraging users to engage with the content and with engagement will come likes.

So how does he do it? His aim is to entertain customers, rather than explain what the company does.

In order to get your marketing messages across it’s important to show a bit of personality and make it fun, rather than presenting your followers with a sales pitch. Everyone loves a pun on social media, the cheesier the bette

Jumping on current trends and hot topics is a surefire way to capture users attention, as it keeps the material relevant. Competitions also work really well, as who doesn’t like winning free stuff?

It turns out that ducks are pretty good at boosting engagement too. Moral of the story: ducks are the new cats of the internet.

Yossi also spoke of how video content is leading the way in terms of engagement on Facebook, receiving the highest reach, tonnes of views and high engagement and he suggests that you should make unique video content for the platform, to receive optimum engagement.

Keep your customers happy:

One of the best ways to make your customers feel valued is to encourage them to get involved themselves.

ao are always asking their followers to submit their own photos and videos for fun and as part of competitions, which gives them their moment in the limelight if they are then shared by the team. They hold a weekly competitions live stream where they announce the winners, share some of the customers photos and call the winners to let them know that they won. This adds a personal touch and really shows the human side of the brand.

One of the top reasons that a customer will visit a brand’s social media page is for customer service purposes, so it is essential that you have a helpful and efficient customer service team equipped for dealing with enquiries. A fast response and solution is incredibly important for the reputation of your brand and customer relationships.

Encouraging customers to write reviews also allows a brand to build a good idea about how happy their customers are, what they like and what needs to be worked on to ensure that they are satisfied. Real life customers can then be used as advocates for the brand, for example ao’s TV ad that features customer reviews from real people recruited on Facebook.

To thank people for leaving feedback on Facebook, the CEO John Roberts writes a personal, hand signed letter to everyone who does so. Of course, they then often share the letters on social media, so free branding!

Moral of the story, keep your customers happy and entertained and the products will sell themselves!