LinkedIn Hits 20 Million Members in the UK #smlondon

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Shut up and enjoy the London view

LinkedIn is a powerful network – with over 90% of professionals on the site, it’s the go-to place for finding a job (or a candidate). Today, they release some exciting news, as they’ve reached 20 million members in the UK!

Below is an infographic (by LinkedIn) with a breakdown of interesting stats – do you fit into any of them?


The top UK cities by number of members on LinkedIn are:

  1. London
  2. Birmingham
  3. Manchester
  4. Reading
  5. Glasgow

The top skills searched by recruiters in 2015:

  1. Sales
  2. Marketing
  3. Java
  4. Recruiter
  5. HR

Over the last few years, the UK membership of LinkedIn has grown considerably:

  • 2009: 3 million
  • 2010: 5 million
  • 2011: 8 million
  • 2012: 11 million
  • 2013: 14 million
  • 2014: 18 million
  • 2015: 19 million
  • 2016: 20 million

Over 2015:

  • More than 1.2 million LinkedIn members changed employees.
  • 338.7 million new connections were made in the UK.
  • 330,061 members received promotions.

The biggest British employers on LinkedIn (based on number of members) are:

  • NHS
  • Tesco
  • BT
  • Lloyds Banking Group
  • RBS
  • HSBC

The most represented industries on LinkedIn are:

  1. IT & services: 664k.
  2. Construction: 630k.
  3. Hospital & health care: 600k.
  4. Retail: 566k.
  5. Financial services: 540k.

The top professions from LinkedIn members are:

  1. Engineers: 535k.
  2. Marketers: 265k.
  3. Accountants: 196k.
  4. Teachers: 164k.
  5. Nurses: 110k.

We discussed how LinkedIn has changed the way we do business in the UK with James Caan and other British business leaders, have a listen below or on iTunes.

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Laurence Hebberd

Senior Account Manager at Link Humans
Laurence Hebberd is Head Honcho of #smlondon and King of Content for Link Humans. You can follow him @LaurenceHebberd.

Laurence Hebberd

Laurence Hebberd is Head Honcho of #smlondon and King of Content for Link Humans. You can follow him @LaurenceHebberd.