6 Uncommon Ways to Leverage Your Content and Social Media #smlondon

Getting more traffic, attention and higher rankings are important for all online businesses and the majority of these businesses prefer to use the internet to build brand awareness and improve the bottom line of the business.

Although there are many ways to market a business on the web, not all of them are effective in the final analysis. In fact, there is one concept that is starting to have a huge impact on the traffic factor of a website: that concept is to increase the number of shares you content is getting across social media.

This is the best way to attract more traffic to your website and improve the bottom line of the company as you get more natural links for SEO and referrers. Most of you are already aware of the common marketing methods of attracting web traffic using social media and website content, such as:

  • building an email list
  • building up your social outposts
  • writing unique and engaging content
  • optimizing content, tags and links for search engines
  • writing intriguing short intros on Facebook with targeted landing pages
  • publishing regularly, and at the right time for your audience
  • creating media-rich content (video, podcasts, etc.)
  • promoting via your social media profiles
  • giving away freebies, and
  • running contests.

All these options are very common and the majority of you would have followed one or more of these methods to attract more traffic to your website leveraging your content and social media. Since many webmasters are following these methods, your market is likely saturated, and the competition is escalating. This is why you need to think out of the box and find new methods to attract web traffic by leveraging social media and your content.

This doesn’t mean you should not follow the aforementioned methods to attract traffic to your business. By all means, use these methods and make them your top priority. But if you have been doing all you need to do and still cannot attract the necessary traffic to your business, you need to try something uncommon and different. It’s time that you got a little creative when leveraging your content and social media to attract website traffic. Here are six uncommon and creative methods of leveraging your content and social media to attract web traffic:

1) Get physical:

We are physical beings that thrive on tangibility. It is important that you remember this simple thing when you are involved in promoting your website via content marketing and social media to attract web traffic to your business. Some of you are doing it already. If so, you need to continue what you are doing and try to improve it further. Although we promote our websites in a digital universe, we are physical beings. This is why taking the time to promote your website on real-world objects or in a physical space can be highly effective. There are many ways that you can do this:

  • creating branded T-shirts
  • designing branded posters
  • designing mugs with your website address on it
  • placing the site URL on your business cards
  • reformatting your blog posts into zines and dropping a pile of them at the local coffee shop.

These can work very well for your industry.

2) Running an unconventional social campaign:

Over a billion people across the globe log into their social media accounts on a daily basis. With such masses of people ready to make your content go viral, you need to be creative enough to tap into this gigantic audience using unconventional tactics.

Using the social media platforms in an unconventional way will help draw the attention of the audience to what you are doing. Here are some examples where social media was used in uncommon ways to attract the attention of its audience:

  • Example 1: In 2013, Civil Rights Defenders used a tool that no one had ever thought of using to promote their business – they used Captcha to draw attention to their civil rights work. They made captchas about human empathy instead of letter scrambles and random numbers. This helped send a message to more than 700-million people across the world that empathy towards others is what really makes us human.
  • Example 2: The IKEA Facebook tagging campaign in 2009 is another unconventional way of using social media to attract web traffic to their business. They ran this campaign to promote the opening of their new store. They made a Facebook page for the store and uploaded all the photos of their showrooms to this account. They told their followers to tag an item on their Facebook profile if they wanted to win that particular item. The tag function worked in such a way that the IKEA page was instantly in the feeds of millions of Facebook users.

These are some uncommon ways of leveraging social media to attract maximum web traffic to your business.

3) Utilizing social currency to pay for your content:

You can find many plugins that permit you to “charge” the visitors of your site for content they are viewing. This can be done with a simple Like, Share, Tweet, or Follow on the social media network of your preference.

If you offer some unique and engaging content, you can definitely utilize this method to promote the content on other people’s social media profiles. It can help boost your traffic as well as the social presence by leaps and bounds in the long run.

This method is becoming quite popular nowadays, but the majority of you are still not using it to attract the required web traffic to your website.

4) Booking a speaking gig:

This is another uncommon way of leveraging your content and social presence to attract the maximum web traffic – if you have an experience or story that may help others, format it into a powerful presentation.

Pitch this presentation to event organizers and book a speaking gig at a particular event or meetup in your town. It goes a long way in building your authority in the niche as well as building an interested following. You want followers to also buy from you, of course, so make call-to-actions clear and precise.

You may also record this speech and share it with your content on your social media outlets. This is another uncommon way of leveraging content and social media to build maximum web traffic for your business.

5) Attending events in your town:

This is another great way to build your client base by increasing the traffic to your website and you can build relationships with others who share the same interest as you.

You need to participate and mingle with the visitors if you are to achieve success with this technique. And when conversing, ask and listen more than you talk about yourself and what you do.

Try to be helpful right away – standing on the sidelines will not help in this regard. You are able to establish yourself as an authority in your niche by attending these events.

6) Starting a group project:

This is another unconventional way of leveraging content and social media to maximize website traffic to your business. You can create a Google+ Community Group, Sub-Reddit, Facebook group (these work great) or something similar.

Another way is to offer to help manage an ongoing group project. When you build a team and start doing something together, you are getting the others to participate in your project. This can have future benefits in establishing yourself as an authority in the specific niche.


Social media and content are two of the most important things when it comes to building web traffic. The key is to be unique, don’t always follow the common path, and make all the content sharable and actionable. For each content asset and contribution, ask this question: what do I want my prospect or customer to do next? This article provides a comprehensive overview of 6 uncommon ways of leveraging your content and social media for maximum web traffic.

Author: Jon Rognerud is CEO at Chaosmap and author of best-selling book “The Ultimate Guide to Optimizing Your Website”.

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