5 Reasons Why Instagram is Important for Marketers in 2016 #smlondon

Instagram – it recently turned 5, and is getting more and more popular as time goes on. It’s introduced advertising options, upgraded its video and has a user base that all marketers want to make the most of.

MDG Advertising outlined 5 reasons why 2016 will be the year that Instagram becomes a forerunner for each marketer to use.

1) Huge, rapidly growing platform:

Instagram was the fastest-growing social network of 2015, with over 400 million active users, and a 4-time growth rate over the last 2 years. It’s estimated that it will have a growth rate of 15% in 2016, and 11% in 2017.

When compared to other Facebook numbers, you can see how it’s becoming a big player in the app field (900 million users on WhatsApp and 700 million on Messenger):

Everyday, 2.5 billion likes are given, and 80 million photos are posted on the app. That’s a lot of salads. With over 75% of Instagram users from outside the US, there is a massive potential for an ever wide audience next year.

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2) Young and passionate user base:

Instagram’s user base is famously young (53% of Instagram users are younger than 29), and it plays a large part in their life.

People will be checking Instagram multiple times throughout the day, and therefore you have multiple chances to be seen.

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3) Highly engaged audience:

Instagram’s audience is extremely active, with most users visiting the platform, uploading content and interacting with posts in their feeds:

  • 49% of Instagram users check the app daily, with 73% checking at least once a week.
  • Compared to Facebook, there are 58 times more unpaid interactions per post.
  • For top brand accounts, each post receives (on average) 4,820 hearts.

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4) Effective offerings for advertisers:

Instagram has moved from being a creative marketing visual platform to a power advertising tool. These include in-feed advertisements, integrated action buttons into posts, carousel ads and targeting based on Facebook data.

In 2015, brands spent $600 million on Instagram, with a projected ad spend of $2 billion in 2017.

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5) The future of mobile and social commerce:

Instagram is ready to make the most out of the biggest technology, social and content trends available to become a tool that no-one can avoid – this includes:

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Marketing Budgets 2016: 5 Reasons Instagram Matters, Big Time [Infographic]