How to Prove Yourself Innocent Against Fake News?

Who would like to see something absurd about themselves on social media? Obviously, no one. Still, unfortunately, the concept of ‘fake news’ on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. has become no less than a trend now. Amid of this erroneous scenario, almost every business is facing the problem of establishing a desired level of authenticity and reputation. No doubt, people are looking at them quite pessimistic!

You would be shocked to know that almost 42% of Americans believe that brands are not being as truthful as they used to be years ago. All thanks to the menacing loopholes of social media, people are possessing such negative perspectives. However, are you thriving well in entrepreneurship? If so, there’s quite a genuine possibility for you to find fake news about your business on social media. However, you might have already faced one!

What do you think is the ideal approach to react to a situation like that? No idea? No worries! We have some proven approaches to be genuine, whilst fighting the ridiculous fake news on social media platforms.

Response Without Hesitation

The moment you see a hoax about your brand on social media, oppose it and respond instantly! It’s your business and anything that is flawed shouldn’t be acceptable at all from your end. Perhaps you’ve heard about the Starbucks incident?

Yes, I am talking about the fallacious hashtag #borderfreecoffee that came up along with Starbucks signature font and company logo. The tweet seemed like Starbucks promised to offer discounted coffee to the illegal migrants in the USA.

The brand tried to clear things up by responding to each and every individual on Twitter. Starbucks declared that the tweet was nothing but a scam. The coffee fans obviously believed the messages from the verified Twitter account, so the ‘Dreamer Day’ hoax came to an end.

Be Specific

Whenever there is an important launch coming up for your business or you want to declare something, speak clearly! It’s because you never know when any indicative word from your end would be perceived wrongly. And, finally, it might turn up to a fake news in the long run.

So, make sure that your words are completely making sense, and say that what you actually want to express. Thus, those entities who spread fake news won’t get any chance to accentuate anything that is wrong.

Be Lucid With Affiliate Relationships

If you want to showcase your products for the first time to an entirely new audience, you must engage with an affiliate program. As the concept of such a strategy is based on authentic reviews, people tend to develop a strong trust factor for it. Well, you need to act a bit smarter while using such relationships. All that you need to do is mention the affiliate relationships beforehand itself. It will prevent any deceitful advice. 

Even the pundits believe so! Maybe you know about Robert Glazer? He is actually an affiliate marketing expert who believes that being transparent is certainly the basis of a flawless affiliate marketing program. Check out what he said on this topic:

“The early years of affiliate marketing were plagued by a lack of transparency. A lot of large affiliates refused to disclose their tactics. They claimed that this was for proprietary reasons, but it’s clear that lack of transparency increases the chances of being questionable, or even fraudulent, behaviour.”

You’re Wrong, Admit it!

Sometimes your business can mistakenly come up with news that is actually not right, mostly due to miscommunication. You can stand out of the crowd by admitting your mistakes and assure that everything will be all right. Just like Apple, who apologized to the music artists with two tweets. The apology was for their statement that they wouldn’t pay them during the free trial period of Apple music customers.

If it’s fake news from your end, admit it, acknowledge it, and correct it as soon as possible. Social media is definitely a boon for the brands to market effectively, so businesses ought to make the best out of it. However, every rose has its own thorn! Well, this proverb suits perfectly to what I explained above about social media. Just take the aforementioned strides and let your business attain an ultimate extent of integrity to weather the storm of every sham that it can come across.

Author: Neil Helson is the marketing manager at Blurbpoint Media, SEO and digital marketing company. Neil is passionate about helping small businesses and startups grow online.