Guest Post Guidelines

Do you want to submit a guest post and be seen by the biggest social media community in London? Please read these short guidelines to make sure your article will be accepted.

What can I write about?

As the name suggests our blog is social media-themed. It can be news about social media, tips, a study or report, videos or everything and anything in between that might interest our readers!

What guidelines do I have to follow?

  • You have to be the author and your work must be original.
  • Please write between 500 and 800 words for your blog post. Please make it as detailed and concise as possible.
  • After introducing the content you want to share, please provide a few “Takeaways” that highlight the important key points. Write your takeaways as bullet points so it’s easy and quick to read.
  • Write your post in a HTML format so it’s easier for us to copy and paste it in the WordPress HTML editor.
  • We DO NOT allow anchor text links for SEO purposes.
  • Authors get ONE backlink to their site or social media profile.

How do I submit my content?

Once your blog post is ready to be published, email it to for consideration. You’ll receive a reply within a week and if it isn’t approved, you’re obviously free to publish it on your own blog or submit it to another blog or website.

We look forward to reading your work!