9 Ways Facebook Can Be a Relationship Killer #smlondon

Have you ever had an argument with your loved one due to social media? Have they Facebook’d someone you hate, or liked a tweet¬†from someone they shouldn’t?

Stop Procrastinating surveyed 5000 people to find out how Facebook affects their relationships – and the results are worthy of a poke.

1) Jealousy:

17% of the people surveyed said they were jealous of their partner’s online friendships or relationships.

2) Neglected:

26% of respondents felt neglected by a partner who was updating Facebook, and it could sometimes cause arguments.

3) Ruined romance:

Almost half (44%) said they felt Facebook ruined romantic moments, such as dinner or walks – as they felt their partner was more interested in updating their Facebook friends about it.

4) Lost intimacy:

Do you check your Facebook in bed with your partner? 32% said their partner does and it feels like the intimacy has been lost.


5) Infidelity:

Facebook is a tool to keep in contact with people –¬†however it can sometimes be used to keep hold of people met casually (on dates etc). 22% of people felt this made infidelity easier.


6) Temptation:

Have you ever added your ex on Facebook? 17% of people who answered the survey felt it tempted them to have an affair.

7) Checked:

46% have monitored a partner’s Facebook account, due to jealousy.

8) Emotional cheating:

47% feel that they have been guilty of emotional cheating on Facebook.

9) Divorce:

It may come as a surprise, but Facebook is now cited in a lot of divorce papers Рand people are not surprised.

Divorce by Facebook? Is that a step too far?

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An infographic by the team at Stop Procrastinating ‚Äď Facebook Ruins Relationships

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