Social Media London LIVE! 2014

Welcome to the Social Media London LIVE! 2014 recap! If you missed out, here’s your chance to catch up. We had a fantastic turnout with a really engaging day. Here’s what you may have missed:

Jeremy Waite:

Starting bright and early, Jeremy Waite took on Big Data to start the day off. Representing Salesforce, Jeremy said that ‘brands don’t respond quick enough’. Nowadays’ marketing world is not a battle of the ‘fittest anymore… it’s the survival of the fastest.’ Challenges marketers are facing are ‘nothing new’. They think ‘too much about tech and not enough about people’. He also pointed out: ‘social is the one area you don’t need to outspend your competitor to beat them’. Do you agree?

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Luke Brynley-Jones:

Right after Jeremy, Luke Brynley-Jones from Our Social Times took over Room 1 to share his best tips on B2B Content Marketing. According to him, every product ‘has a potential on social media’. Yes, even the most boring ones!‘62% of companies outsource their social media’ while ‘B2B Companies with blogs generate 67% more leads than those without’.

Your content marketing strategy should not be focused on what you want to say. Instead, talk about what your target audience likes to read! Luke also stated that you should have your very own tone of voice on social media ; you need to ‘be yourself on social media. Everybody else is taken!’ He ended his talk with a much-appreciated slide. Have a look:

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Lee Smallwood:

On the other side of the venue, we had Lee Smallwood from NOD3x presenting social discovery and analysis in venue 2.

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Lee is a specialist in finding target audiences. He said: ‘don’t monitor data for the sake of monitoring data – what is your objective right now… find your niche.” Understanding what people want YOU to talk about is key and should be done before you sort out your content strategy.

Rylan Holey:

This conference’s only cellist and ex-singing telegram @holeytonal of @hootsuite! #smlondon

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Carrying on, Rylan shared some results of a recent research from Hootsuite. Did you know that ‘61% of their customers are challenged to find actionable insights’? That ‘72% of respondents says the number of departments using social is growing’? 

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Among other great predictions, he said ‘social empowered organisations will win’. And rightly so: ‘86% of companies agree analysing social engagement helps company’s bottom line’!

Carole Luck & Matthew Gardiner:

The two hotel experts Matthew and Carole teamed up to deliver a convincing speech on how hotels can take advantage of social media.

Click here to see more coverage of their talk. They opened up their talk with a case study on The Distrikt hotels and how they’re putting social media to good use. Interestingly, Carole said that ‘Google+ should be regarded as a social layer – not as a social network’. In a nutshell, their takeaways were: ‘be integrated and advocate’, ‘facilitate sharing’, ‘think mobile first’ and ‘be prepared to pay now!’

Tariq Slim:

Tariq was a much-awaited speaker. After 5 years working for Facebook, he joined Twitter in 2013 as the Head of Tech and Telco and was given a keynote slot at Social Media London LIVE! At 11.30am he started things off with a very visual presentation packed with fantastic stats: ‘The average person unlocks their phone 110 times a day” ; “In the UK, 80% of Twitter use is on mobile. More importantly for brands, 79% of respondents said they’re ‘smartphone shoppers”; “60% of Twitter users tweet whilst watching TV”.

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He gave advice on how you can jump in conversations: doing real-time marketing is crucial, and you can use Twitter’s Moments to find out what’s trending at a selected location.

Jasper Martens:

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Jasper from Simply Business came down to Social Media London LIVE! to share his insights about customer journeys. He explained that B2B consumers are empowered with social media, ‘having more control than ever before’. More than 2/3 of B2B customers consider 3 or more companies when making their purchase, so you better be good at social media – don’t forget it’s your true online outlet!

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You should also ‘use real customers in marketing, it works brilliantly on social and builds brand loyalty’. Still, ‘using old fashioned content marketing still works wonders’. Be mindful on Twitter and your own promotion: ‘don’t ask people to buy you product… it does not work.’

Nancy Kinder:

This talk was by far the most crowded in venue 2! When starting your community, ‘research your objective and audience’. Social media is a great tool to really engage with a selected core of people. They have to be part of your journey! Click here to see more coverage of Nancy’s talk.

Aimee Bateman:


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Lots of attendees agreed that Aimee‘s talk was the best of the day! Energetic, passionated and with loads of experience, Aimee was keen to narrate some of the best lessons she’s learned through Careercake.

Click here to see more coverage of Aimee’s talk. Great quote, isn’t it? Her top tips were ‘Add key words in the title, blog in the Description area, optimise your tags and create movement.’ Oh, and don’t forget to ‘be real’ and ‘add value’! As people’s attention span are very short, Aimee also said that ‘you only have 12-15 seconds before people continue watching your video or not.’  

Javier Buron:

Javier and the whole SocialBro team are community regulars and once again it was a real pleasure to have them! His talk was about Twitter and how you can maximise ROI.

Click here to see more coverage of Javier’s talk. CEOs are increasingly pressuring social media professionals to show ROI. Despite social media being used globally, marketers still find it challenging to measure ROI accurately. To do so, benchmark your results before and after your social activity! According to Javier, “Twitter is no soft channel. It’s BIG business’ as ‘we cannot imagine a TV show without hashtags or tweets around the screen’. Also, ‘67% of Twitter users are more likely to buy from brands they follow.’

Imre de Daranyi & James Lubbock:


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The duo from Socialbakers UK came down to #smlondon LIVE! to give their recommendations on how to meet today’s social challenges. Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 16.47.05 Imre and James gave a bit of guidance as to how to select the platforms you want to focus on before presenting a case study. They explained how good KLM are with customer service. Any problem? Tweet them and they expect to reply within the next 60 minutes! Other than that, keep your content strategy fresh and bear in mind that today’s challenges are evolving as social evolves itself.

Jon Lombardo:

Jon started his talk with a bang! ‘What if I told you content marketing is a lot like the Matrix?’.

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That being said, he carried on explaining that content marketing is hugely increasing. However, ‘thought leadership is stable’. And that’s a real problem: ‘content marketing is a commodity. Thought leadership is not a commodity. It’s what makes the decisions.’ Also, ‘74% of buyers choose the company that was first to add value.’ Consider yourselves warned!

Farhan Lalji:

Last but not least, Farhan represented PeerIndex and why you should care about audiences.

Click here to see more coverage of Farhan’s talk. He said audiences are key – find individuals, identify influencers and active members. DO NOT track hashtags or you’ll missed ‘75% of top content on Twitter’ and tracking all possible keywords still misses up to 43% of the whole conversation!

And that was the conclusion of a fantastic day! We hope to see you next year – in the meantime, stick around #smlondon!

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