April 24, 2012 7:00 PM. 173 attended.

The Keys to Succcessful Blogging with

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  • Our speaker of the night will be our great friend Marko Saric, a Londoner that runs one of the world's top 50 blogs aptly named HowToMakeMyBlog.com.

    About Marko

    These days, the word “passion” is being overused when describing how someone feels about something – it has lost its meaning. Now, meet Marko Saric – the exception to the rule. His passion for online media has been bubbling for many years, starting back when he was a teenager.

    From Metallica to blogging...

    He’s always been a music enthusiast and went one step further in his days as a metal head by creating an online site for Metallica, his favourite band. Marko was just sixteen when his site became Denmark’s official Metallica fan club, which led to many musical adventures… and gave him a taste of online possibilities.

    Top 50 blog in the world

    Realising that combining his natural “online savvy” talent with a thorough knowledge of marketing would be beneficial, he successfully completed a BA degree in Marketing Management at Staffordshire University. While there, he had an idea for yet another project, and so he launched HowToMakeMyBlog.com. Not one to do things small – his blog has just been voted one of the world’s top 50 blogs!

    More about Marko

    See more about Marko at his blog and follow him on .


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  • Charlotte

    Thanks for a great meetup SML! If anyone missed Marko's talk or would like to remind yourself of his advice, then you might find my round-up useful http://www.cavatica.co.uk/cavat...

    April 25 at 6:50 PM

  • Andres Carceller
    Andres Carceller

    See you all there Marko Saric lovers !

    April 24 at 10:34 AM

  • Paul Hood
    Paul Hood

    We're looking for aspiring writers/bloggers for London24.com; part of Archant's portfolio. If interested please DM me or Marko to register interest. Thanks

    April 18 at 5:14 PM

173 attended

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