Top 20 Do’s and Dont’s on LinkedIn #smlondon

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It’s now known you can’t do everything you want on social networks. But as a professional one, you should pay even more attention to LinkedIn if you don’t want to damage your and your company’s online reputation.

Here is an interesting infographic by our friends at Top Dog Social Media on the top 20 do’s and don’ts on LinkedIn.


  • When requesting a connection, personalise your message and write a quick introduction to explain why you want to connect.
  • Don’t ask people you don’t know for recommendations. How could they recommend you if they never met you and worked with you?! It’s the same for endorsements.
  • One of the worst things you can do is to send spams to your connections. They didn’t connect with you to receive this so you need to find another way to sell your products.

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(Source: Top Dog)

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