UK Digital, Social and Mobile Statistics for 2015 #smlondon

Understanding how different parts of the world use social media is important for businesses wanting to build an online presence. In We Are Social’s new ‘Digital, Social and Mobile 2015 Report’, statistical information has been provided for more than 240 countries worldwide. Within this, many interesting facts and figures are revealed including data on active internet users and active social media accounts. This is particularly useful when wanting to understand how the world, or how one country in particular, uses social media and to be aware of the global differences that have evolved.

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Focusing on the UK:

11 of the 376 pages focus on Digital in the UK, allowing brands and businesses to see how social media is being used, who is using it and what percentage of the UK population currently are actively engaged with social media. Of the 64.1 million UK population, there are 38.0 million active social media accounts.

Since January 2014, there has been a 6% increase of growth in the number of active social media accounts and a 7% growth in the number of active mobile social accounts. This has resulted in the average daily use of social media by users amounting to 2h and 13m which is more than half the time that people in the UK spend on the internet in general.

Time spent with media

Internet users as a percentage of the total population shows to be a large 89%. The share of web page views on laptops and desktops comes in at 58% with web page views on phones coming in 2nd at 27%, despite 58% of the UK population being mobile internet users.

Most importantly, 59% of the UK population have active social media accounts with 32 million accessing these accounts through a mobile device. Facebook is the top active social network platform at 43% and Instagram surprisingly comes last at only 8%. Facebook Messenger is the top active ‘chat app’ whereas Snapchat comes last at only 6%.

Top active social platforms

Overall, 30% of the UK population appear to be using social media apps. Companies should take all the statistics provided by the report on board in order to build successful social media strategies and to understand what devices consumers use to engage with social media. It is clear Facebook continues to be successful in the UK and that the number of users accessing social media through mobile devices is on the rise.


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