5 Ways to Make Customers Promote Your Brand on Social Media

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Today, customers are constantly interacting via social media – not only with one another but also with brands. This is a great opportunity to satisfy your customers and let them do the work for you.

A happy customer is the best advertisement possible, and people tend to pay attention to online reviews, even if they don’t personally know the reviewer. Here we’ll discuss five tips that can help you turn your customers into your number one advocates.

1. Promote Products Creatively

Aggressive sales pitches or the “hard-sell” can be off-putting to customers. Instead, find a way to connect with them more casually. For example, try making engaging and funny video. Don’t hide that you’re trying to promote a product or a service, but don’t make the sell the main point of your marketing piece, either.

Try to build an engaging narrative for your customers and make them think. If you don’t respect them enough to be subtle with your marketing tactics, the tactics won’t work. However, if you create something genuine and amusing, your customers will share it and do the work for you.

2. Post Engaging Content

The content you post on social media should cover topics other than your products. Giving customers how-to articles, tips and tricks are great ways to make them feel like they are getting something from you for free, without even making a purchase.

Visual material is an important part of your online social media strategy. Meme, images and videos will catch the eye of a potential customer where a how-to article may not. The more creative, funny, and worthwhile the content, the more likely a customer is to share the media and boost your brand awareness.

For example, Netflix does a great job of creating funny, topical content that engages customers and makes them feel understood.

3. Provide Excellent Customer Service

Using social media is a terrific way to attract new customers. It’s also a great way to make sure that their customer service expectations are being met, and it’s a great way to meet those expectations in public.

The public interactions between brands and customers are practically priceless. When a potential customer sees your company interacting positively with a current customer and solving a problem, that’s all the free advertising you’ll ever need. A customer who is treated well will let social media know by sharing your content and talking about you.

So, never leave a customer’s comment unanswered or an issue unresolved on social media! Taking care of a problem quickly and appropriately will always win you additional customers.

4. Communicate as a Friend

The most important aspect of social media is connecting. Friend your customers on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, and interact with them! Like, share, repin, and discuss their issues. This is a way to be engaged and show customers that you care.

Once you have created a social network, you have to take care of it. Being active in your online community and keeping a friendly tone will help customers develop a positive brand association.

Develop a friendly and casual “voice” on your social media profiles because no one likes to communicate too formally.Seamless’s Facebook page is a good example of how to interact with customers in a fun, unique, and effective way. Try doing the same – a great social presence will go a long ways.

5. Reward them with Gifts

People love free stuff and usually, it doesn’t even matter what it is. Coupons, discounts, giveaways, or even chances to win these things in a contest are all great ways to keep your audience “playing” along and involved. You can even focus these contests on social media branding – for instance, by offering a coupon to the Facebook friend that writes the best blurb on your new product.

By conducting these little games and offering these rewards, you’ll get a good look at who your existing advocates and loyal followers are, and you can then reward them and keep them in the loop. As our world grows more and more automated, even the smallest gestures like saying thank you or great to see you will go a long way towards keeping those good customers loyal.


By keeping your existing customers happy, you’re not just keeping customers. You’re tapping into a powerful online marketing machine that can become one of the most successful parts of your marketing mechanisms. By using these tips, you’ll keep your customers coming back for more, and you’ll keep them working for you as powerful brand ambassadors on social media.

Key Takeaways:

  • Product Promotion. Make it fun and interesting, while avoiding typical sales pitches.
  • Posting Content. Post diverse content, both written and material. It needs to be engaging so that your followers will want to share it.
  • Customer Service. Answer all questions and resolve all issues. Make customers happy – excellent customer service equates to free marketing.
  • Communication. Communicate with your followers regularly on social media. Adopt a friendly and a casual tone.
  • Rewards. Organize contests and giveaways. Those events are highly engaging and share-worthy.

Author: Natalie Smith is a copywriter from Seattle. The topics she covers pertain to digital marketing, social media, customer service, and business in general. Reach her @NatalieS1014.

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