How to Share Content that Makes an Impact #smlondon

Content. It’s what makes us laugh, it’s what makes us cry, it’s what makes us inspired, or keeps us entertained. However, what content works well, and why do people share it?

Hyperfine Media have created an infographic guide to sharing content – see all the stats below!


Why do users follow brands on Facebook?

  • 49% to support a brand.
  • 42% for a discount.
  • 41% for brand updates.
  • 40% of customers don’t like brands at all.

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Instagram is becoming a big player in the social game:

  • Instagram has an engagement rate which is 58 times than Facebook, and 120 times higher than Twitter.
  • Images with faces get 38% more likes.
  • If you mention other users in your content, you’ll receive 56% more engagement.

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The biggest video site on the internet has some amazing stats to back it up:

  • 400 hours of video are watched every minute.
  • One third of the world visits YouTube.
  • 5 billion videos are watched per day.

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Alongside Instagram, video is extremely important:

  • Businesses using video grow revenue 49% faster.
  • Videos on landing pages can increase conversions by 80%.
  • When shopping, 74% of millennials find video helpful.

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Why exactly do users share content? There are a number of reasons:

  • Entertaining: 45%.
  • Helpful: 30%.
  • Funny: 15%.

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There’s no point posting content if you’re posting it at the wrong times. Research has shown that the optimum times to engage are:

  • LinkedIn: Thursdays, between 9 and 10am.
  • Pinterest: Sundays, between 8 and 9pm.
  • Facebook: Tuesdays, between 9 and 10pm.
  • Twitter: Tuesdays, between 8 and 10pm.

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As we all know, visual content is key:

  • Coloured visuals increase engagement by 80%.
  • 46% of marketers say photos are critical to their current marketing strategy.
  • Content with images gets 94% more views.

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If you use an emoji in your post, you’ll receive a:

  • 33% higher share rate ➡
  • 33% higher comment rate 💬
  • 57% higher like rate 👍

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Infographic: A Guide To Sharing Content Online

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