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Advertising has become one of the black sheep of domains of interest in the eyes of those at the receiving end. We almost always change the channel when commercials kick in, though in the best case scenario we keep it on and occupy ourselves with something else. The ad section in magazines is almost entirely ignored. But the worst of all is internet advertising.

Internet ads are the most annoying, so it comes as no surprise that this is when some of the biggest defence measures have popped up too. Many of these ads come in the form of random pop-ups, slides that occupy your entire screen, and generally keep meddling with your affairs to the point it becomes infuriating. In a sense, this is what caused the doom of traditional online marketing.

Door closed, door open:

Since adaptability is the key to success in this fast-growing environment, marketers have grown too and they’ve developed a technique meant to grasp people’s interests again – this time, genuinely and without opening fifty different new tabs. We’re talking about content marketing.

It sounds a lot more complex and complicated than your average “ad by the side of the page” routine, which is why some people might be reluctant to invest in it. But there are some clear advantages to pursuing this tactic and we have some solid reasons why you should seek out the best content marketer to help you kick off this new age of marketing:

1) Customer education:

A good content marketer knows what the main goal of this process is: educating and informing the customer. The modern day buyer is extremely careful of what they’re about to purchase and the offers at hand. A recent study showed that the average buyer gets through up to 90% of the content funnel all by themselves before they get in touch with a brand or salesperson.

Moreover, it looks like the likelihood of people simply stumbling upon a store and going in by chance is dramatically decreasing, as it’s been shown that about 81% of potential customers do some thorough online researching before they even decide to hit up the store. As an average, this research period lasts up to 79 days.

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2) Taking time on and off:

There’s a bit of a paradox going on here. An expert content marketer knows that time spent on developing the content of your website is directly proportional to conversion rates and the interest of a potential buyer. The more time you invest in polishing this side, the more likely you are to attract customers that will be interested in navigating more of your website.

So, even though you require some extra effort for this to work out, you also get to save time. Because content marketing aims to educate customers about a product or service, you can cross this step off your list of things to do during the actual selling process.

3) Higher ranking:

Every good content marketer knows that this technique goes hand in hand with the ever evolving algorithm of search engines. In other words, content marketing also greatly increases your website’s SEO value.

By paying attention to the needs and questions of customers, content marketers are able to fill up their pages with relevant content that contains keywords which provide all of the desired answers. The more relevant and high-quality the content, the higher the ranking on search engines will be.

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4) Increase domain authority:

It’s clear by now that the premise of content marketing is to create relevant and valuable content that’s able to grab a visitor’s attention with little to no tips and tricks. What matters here is the quality of the content and, sadly or not, quality also invokes the length of the content. The longer it is and the better it is filled with relevant information, the more attractive it will be for search engines.

Alternatively, other people that might stumble upon it will want to share it and link to the website on their own. This, in turn, helps grow the authority of your domain.

5) Integrated marketing:

In the age of the internet and globalization, it’s only natural that the biggest form of globalization is on the internet. Create a chain of spaces and resources and follow the lead of the overwhelming percentage of 80% B2B companies that distribute content via social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter. It’s a good way to make your content know and to branch out in different communities.

In conclusion, content marketing might be a bit tricky for those stepping into it for the first time. In order to get the best of results as soon as possible, it’s recommended to bring in a content marketing expert.

Author: Amanda Wilks is a Boston University graduate and a Digital Marketing Strategist at jobapplicationcenter. She has a great interest in everything related to content marketing, online marketing and corporate and personal branding.

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