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6 Content Ideas to Boost your Social Media Campaigns #smlondon

Nothing is worse than tirelessly constructing content that will die in relevancy faster than it circulates. Because of this, it’s important to create a backbone of evergreen content to keep you afloat. Once you develop a functioning evergreen system, it becomes easier than ever to routinely update your social media profiles with content your followers are sure to enjoy. Don’t worry about fading to oblivion – just start looking for content ideas in different places.

1. Share Good Publicity

Somebody’s talking good about you behind your back. That’s always great news. What about articles you’ve contributed to, or pieces that have used direct quotes? Share these pieces of content with your followers. They add to your notoriety while providing something like a news update about current happenings. If the piece was already shared by the person who published the content, don’t forget to link back to them. Doing so will help their followers who appreciated that piece of content find you, and potentially become your followers as well.

2. Get a Dialogue Going

There’s never a bad time to have a conversation with your followers. It helps your outreach, and allows you to tailor campaigns to the attitudes of your followers. Talking with them shows that you appreciate their input, and there is no shortage of questions you can ask. You can’t beat the insight and engagement you’ll get simply by allowing your followers to feel as though they’re a part of the grand scheme of things.

3. Pull Quotes

Pulling the right quotes can help you share prewritten content pieces, such as blog posts, in a way that is universally appealing. Look over your blog post for a general piece of wisdom or a valuable statistic. Pull that quote, and use it as the accompanying text when you cross promote your blog posts on all of your social media platforms. As long as the quote isn’t too specific, other people may feel inclined to re-share the content simply based on the tidbit of advice that pulled them in.

4. Promote Carefully

If your social media pages are attached to a business or a brand of some sort (as many are), it’s only natural to use that platform for promotion. The only problem is that, while many people are willing to tolerate the occasional promotion, flooding your readers will send them running. After all, people don’t fast forward over their favorite shows to watch the commercials. Don’t spam promotions linked to passing fads that won’t hold up with time.

5. Educate Your Followers

Knowledge never goes out of style. It’s a good day when your followers can learn a thing or two from you. Whether you’re presenting them with facts relevant to your niche, or even facts relevant to the platform you use to connect with them, it will never be an inopportune time for anyone to receive new, valuable information.

6. Be Helpful

All of the content you share should provide some kind of value. Whether it’s a blog post you’ve linked, a piece of evergreen content you’ve curated from someone else, or even a support comment you’ve let in  response to a follower, you want your words to count. Platforms like Facebook allow users to see how responsive you are and taking your time to provide useful assistance or helpful information can run your campaign into the ground. Before you begin to type, always ask if what you’re typing actually provides long lasting value.

It’s okay to mix evergreen content with other content that wouldn’t qualify as evergreen – just make sure you’re placing your focus on the former. A great social media campaign will always incorporate a wide variety of content that engages followers and boosts visibility.


  • Create evergreen content to constantly attract your customers to your social media campaign
  • Keeping a dialogue with your audience is great for engagement – use it
  • Share small pieces of wisdom from your previous content – they are great for cross promotion
  • Don’t spam promotions!
  • Some of the greatest evergreen content pieces are educational
  • Remember to mix evergreen with seasonal for better engagement

Simone Cormack is a communications specialist with great love for social media, currently working at eFax. Simone is deeply interested in learning about new marketing channels and constantly tries to apply new strategies in her work.