The 12 Rules of Content Creation #smlondon

Content creation is a must for every business using social media – if you want to attract inbound links and, more importantly, leads, you need to be creating interesting and exciting content.

The 12 rules below, outlined in the infographic by Placester, give you 12 steps to follow to ensure your content is on point.

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1) Listening:

Wherever your customers are asking questions, you should be listening – and you can do this via tools such as Synthesio, Hootsuite or Tweetdeck.

They’re right – what’s the point in sharing (talking) if you’re not going to listen? The questions will also act as the fuel for your content creation strategy.

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2) Make a list:

List all of those questions your customers commonly ask – maybe take 30 or so minutes away from your day to brain storm and come up with the top 50 things you’re always asked.

Keep that list by your side, as it’ll be very important.

3) Address every question:

Is there a question you can’t answer? Provide some insight around it – it’ll still help.

Search engines, in the end, aren’t looking for exact answers – they’re looking for content which addresses the question.

4) Research keywords:

For every question on that list, research which keywords and phrases will be related to it – and note those down too. If you’re not aiming for keywords, how will people find your useful content?

5) Pay attention to the title:

The headlines are more important than you may notice – they are basically mini calls-to-action to try and get people to click. Create a title which incorporates your keywords and outlines why your content will be useful.

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6) Be honest:

What’s the point in lying? In the end, you lose and so does the person reading – so answer their question honestly, even if the subject may be a bit of a difficult one to cover.

7) Talk about the competition:

Let’s be honest – the conversation about you and your competitors is going to happen, so why not host it on your own blog?

[Tweet “Don’t be afraid to talk about your competitors on your own blog. #smlondon”]

This way, you can moderate it yourself.

8) Use the ‘vs’ format:

If you stick to the facts, creating “vs.” posts are a great way to get interesting content.

You can check some of ours in the Social Smackdowns.

9) Write about “the best”:

How many times have you been searching for the best service? Write reviews about businesses in your area, and you’ll own that result!

10) Be clear and concise:

Content should do one of three things:

  1. Inspire
  2. Education
  3. Entertain

Keep it simple, and aim to be one of the three above, and you’ll be having success before you know it!

11) Keep on creating:

Don’t ever stop trying to be the best – creating content helps SEO, but also a customer will stay on your site longer if there is more interesting content to look at.

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12) Be fearless:

Don’t be scared to create content which will incite a reaction – go ahead and be you!

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