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The online marketing landscape is evolving with the speed of light. Marketers are constantly thinking of new practices and tricks that would lure the audience to buy more products and services. What we often forget, however, is that the consumer’s mindset remains more-or- less the same. Their behavior is driven by psychological principles. As marketers, we need to understand that inner drive, so we can offer what the audience wants to get.

Today, I’m going to give you few tips on how you can use psychology to increase engagement:

1) Psychology of excitement:

In psychology, the term excitement is known as emotional arousal. People constantly feel emotions, but sometimes they enter a state of arousal, in which they experience extreme emotions and heightened psychological activity.

People need and want to be excited, because lack of arousal leads to boredom.

What does excitement mean to us, as marketers? The emotions are so powerful that they can affect the way people make decisions. In other words – this is the type of behavior that creates impulsive buyers.

  • Whenever you’re writing a text that’s about to get published or you’re creating a new marketing campaign, make sure the message excites people. “It’s time. Time to apply a generous coat cos the weather is finally catching up with us. Invest in puffers, faux-fur and velvet bomber jackets – just don’t call us a soft touch.” That’s part of an email message Asos subscribers recently got. Can you spot the psychology of excitement there? The author of the message makes people excited about winter coming.
  • When you want to create the state of excitement, the price is an important element of your strategy. A lower price can always generate excitement and a feeling of urgency.

2) Psychology of social proof:

People are influenced by other people’s decisions. The majority of us don’t like being outsiders; we have a strong desire to fit in. “I’ll have what she’s having” – does that sound familiar? When you’re aiming for a huge number of shares and likes, you’re not doing that only because you want to make your brand popular. You’re doing that to make potential consumers feel like they are becoming part of something great by using your products or services.

This is how you can implement the psychology of social proof into your online marketing campaign:

  • Case studies and reviews: feature those on your website and all over your social media pages. Allow people to share their experience, and promote the best feedback you get.
  • Do everything you can to get more shares on social media: How exactly do you do that? By writing great content, of course. Infographics, top lists, problem-solving posts related to your niche… you need to deliver what people want to read, and make sure to provide sharing options. Feature the number of total shares an article at your website got. The more popular it is, the more people will like to share it.

3) Psychology of self-perception:

If a woman goes to a ballet event and likes it, she will start identifying herself as a ballet fan. She’ll start pinning photos of beautiful ballerinas and she’ll probably change her style – she’ll start buying classic pieces of clothing. She will act in a way that reinforces her identity as a ballet fan.

Marketers should understand the psychology of self-perception. If people like the products or services they are offering, they will look for ways to fit them into their lifestyle.

  • First, you need to understand your social media audience. What do they like? Your target audience likes the stuff you’re offering, but how do they make them part of their philosophy of living?
  • Start offering insightful articles and blog posts that are consistent with your customers’ vision. If, for example, you sell tea at your site, you can post articles about the history of tea, the way different types of tea make people feel, or the things your favorite type of tea reveals about your personality. That’s the type of content that gets tons of shares.

Marketing psychology is not an easy thing to master, but you get better at it through practice. The important thing to keep in mind before relying on a new marketing tactic is: how will the audience react to it? What do they expect from me? How will this make them feel? When you base your online marketing campaign on the above-listed principles, you’ll appeal to your audience on an emotional level.

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This post is written by a guest author. If you are interested in submitting a guest post, check out our Guest Post Guidelines – we look forward to hearing from you!