How Can AI Solve Social Media Marketing Challenges?

If you have been spending time on the internet recently, you will see plenty of conversations about Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence or AI has been creating a buzz lately. With all the integrations and benefits that it can give to various industries.

One of the most progressive industries that got to utilize AI is the business industry. It has been implemented in different kinds of businesses and digital marketing. You might notice small changes and improvements that online business owners have made in their niche. AI has been in the trends for the past year.

If you are still doubtful whether AI will work for you or not, here are some of the benefits that AI can solve for your social media marketing.

Content Automation

Content is one of the most critical elements that you have to prioritize. Providing content has been the preferred method of marketing compared to the usual ads seen on the internet. It is also used to entice them to try your product or service.

To make your social media marketing efficient, you have to stick posting content on social media regularly.

However, it’s inevitable that time isn’t going to be on your side when posting your content. With AI, it can analyze internet data with regards to your customers. Doing so, it will publish your content on the best times where it can get the most attention.

Customer Service

Both the internet and social media doesn’t sleep. There will always be people littering about and customers pick no time to inquire about your online business. However, unlike the internet, you can’t keep up with it without getting some sleep and time to eat.

You can improve your customer service by employing AI integrated chatbots with your social media marketing strategy.

Chatbots have been around for many years now. With the current technology, chatbots have evolved from merely repeating dialogues that are in their system. AI integrated chatbots communicate with people in a conversational tone and understand the context which makes assisting customers easier.

Consumer Engagement

Another essential element to consider in social media marketing is customer engagement. Social media is used by consumers to voice out their opinions and experiences. Therefore, social media is the perfect platform to get those sought-after reviews.

However, according to Statista, 3.02 billion social media users are predicted to emerge in 2021. How can you track every conversation that your brand has garnered on social media then? The answer? AI.

  • Brand Mentions

AI can track your brand mentions in real-time. It also filters spam mentions which saves you the time in sorting authentic mentions. It can also follow and report mentions that aren’t encapsulated with tags such as “@” and hashtags.

Additionally, people on the internet are not perfect. AIs can also give you mentions from consumers with misspelt brand names by understanding the context of the post.

  • Image Recognition

Misspelled and untagged brand mentions are not the only challenges that you experience in social media marketing. The usage of visual content such as images has become an all-time in this generation. With the evolution of smartphones with a high-quality camera, its no wonder.

However, it has always been a challenge for marketers to track what customer experience is when in an image. That is not a challenge anymore with AI. It can detect images and associate it with your brand, letting you know that a consumer took a picture of your product.

By knowing what your customers think about your product, be it good or bad, it is imperative that you respond to them. AI monitors your mentions in real-time which can alert you and giving you a chance to respond to your customers’ feedback promptly.

The Future of Social Media Marketing with AI

Social media marketing shouldn’t take up too much time. It also shouldn’t take so much of your effort by spending time on mundane routines such as administration and more. By implementing AI, you will be able to delegate such tasks. This gives you the freedom to input your skills and effort to jobs with higher complexity.

However, bear in mind that AI is not the answer for everything. They are also not here to replace humans. Human resources are still as important as they are before and they will still be. Despite the reliance of people on technology, people still value the human behind the companies.

AI is a powerful tool and as the saying goes, great power comes with responsibility. Therefore, you have to use AI wisely to reach success.

Author: SEO consultant Al Gomez is the man behind Dlinkers, a company dedicated to complete digital marketing services. With more than ten years of experience, he enjoys supporting smartpreneurs like himself achieve online success.