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Social media has become a crucial extension of digital marketing, and this is why lot of companies have jumped on the social media bandwagon. We have heard a lot about famous brands and how they are winning it on social media. We have also learnt all the possible lessons from them.

In this article, I will go through 3 very rarely-discussed businesses which are loved by their fans because of their awesome social media campaigns. These campaigns will make you go ‘aah’ for various reasons – I have enlisted 3 each to share why I like these campaigns.


The first on the list is Farfetch, a company founded in 2008 to connect customers across the world to luxury brands. Farfetch brings customers to over 1000 labels and 350 boutiques from all over the world.

Although the company doesn’t hold any inventory of its own, it is much more than an international logistics provider. Their content strategy includes a range of topics including fashion shows, luxury fashion and lifestyle topics. Farfetch is active on all the popular social media platforms including Instagram (a must for fashion brands), Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Snapchat. Now let’s see some of the reasons why Farfetch makes fashion fiends go ‘aah’ and ‘aha!’:

Good understanding of visual-heavy/non-visual heavy mediums:

One of the main reasons why some brands fail on social media and some not only thrive but go on to become fashion icons – is the difference in product photography. When it comes to Instagram, nothing but the quality of your images are going to help you elicit those ‘aha’ comments from your fans!

Print perfection in #Paris

A photo posted by Farfetch (@farfetch) on

This is why, Farfetch posts only some of its highly appealing images on Instagram, unlike Twitter, where you will find text-heavy posts.

Best news first:

Farfetch brings the best pictures from the latest fashion shows and events around the world. No matter what business you are in, you can establish leadership within your industry if you have the means to get to the news fastest and share it the quickest:

One of the ways to do that is to follow all the industry biggies and influencers on Twitter and thus be privy to news first.

Gets the post mix right:

When it comes to Tumblr, it is very important to see how all your posts come along together. So you have to post all your posts well in advance and make sure they look well synchronized. For instance, you can clearly see here that Farfetch match their posts well:

This is the magic of content mix done right.

What’s more, they have been using simple but catchy GIFs that make their tumblr account look even more appealing. They are literally killing the social media with their awesome posts tailored to different social media platforms:


Points for improvement:

However, there is one thing that I find lacking here – they haven’t monetized their Facebook page through the latest buy buttons that can help convert Facebook fans.

Johnny Cupcakes is doing it well to ensure that their Facebook fans can buy their favorite stuff right from Facebook itself. Social monetization is no longer a dispensable activity as more and more retail websites are making use of it.

Holiday Extras:

My second favorite is Holiday Extras – with so many online travel companies, it is difficult to manage competition and Holiday Extras does it with its smart social media management. Here are a few ways how Holiday Extras manages to keep busy on all the popular social media platforms.

Content sharing:

Most digital marketers agree that you don’t have to create all the content for your social platforms as sharing content from 3rd party sites can work just as well. Holiday Extras has a liberal sprinkle of owned content pieces but a bigger share of their content comes from famous websites like The Travel Hack, This Girl Loves, Travel With Kat, The Cosy Traveller etc:

Budget-friendly social media:

With over 46 boards, all related to travel, their Pinterest account is a shining example of doing social media right without hiring an army of social media executives. When you look at their Pinterest page, you tell yourself ‘so this is how it’s done!’!

Social engagement:

Holiday Extras is very well engaged with fans on all social media channels. Any social media plan is made of 3 critical components – communication, promotion and brand awareness. From their use of brand colors on Twitter through to their timely communication with customers, Holiday Extras is good at social engagement.

Points for improvement:

The only thing I don’t like about Holiday Extras is that their customer support is a bit lacking and this reflects badly in today’s transparent social world.

Brookfield Zoo:

The last and the best in the list is Brookfield Zoo. When compared to other zoological parks, Brookfield Zoo might not be amongst the top contenders for size and species but in terms of social media, this one is a through and through winner. Let’s see what this organization is doing right on social media.

Behind the scenes:

Everyone loves to know what happens behind the scenes whether it’s their favorite music performer or their favorite macaw in the zoo. Brookfield Zoo offers interesting tidbits about their animals from time to time which makes their page quite interesting:

Relevant posts:

All their posts are relevant to public; for instance, on Valentine’s Day, they posted this nice shot of a seal with hearts:

Spotlight on audience:

They turn the spotlight on their audience by showcasing visitor’s pic on their Instagram page.

This is a nice way to keep the fans happy, clicking and tagging!

Points for improvement:

I tried to find some points but honestly there is nothing. Brookfield Zoo makes you go ‘aah’ and ‘aaw’ all the time and it promises to be one of the best social content mix you will come across today!

Parting words:

So these are the 3 campaigns and a brief summary of the takeaways from each campaign:

  1. Every social media platform has some rules, some are visual-based, some are not so much. Understand the difference.
  2. Follow industry experts and influencers, it comes in handy on social media.
  3. Get the post mix right.
  4. Share 3rd party content but also find a way to bring visitors back.
  5. Social media doesn’t have to be expensive, so don’t dismiss it just yet because you are a startup or short on funds.
  6. Social engagement is the key to social media success.
  7. People love storytelling, go big on behind the scenes, customer stories, etc.
  8. Be relevant and timely, keep a close eye on upcoming events.
  9. Turn the spotlight on your customers / fans from time to time.

Author: Avinash Nair is a Digital Marketer at E2M, one of India’s fastest growing digital marketing agencies committed to meeting the highest ethical standards of digital marketing strategies and drive sustainable business growth. You can find him on Twitter: @AviNair52.

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