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If you’re a social media manager, you’ll already know that there are plenty of tools out there allowing you to monitor, listen, tweet, schedule and plan at any given moment.

The key? Learning how to use them in an actionable way.

Regardless of the number of tools you employ, it takes the right mindset to ensure they’re saving you time and not wasting it. In this article you’ll learn clever ways to use five of the most popular marketing tools in order to build brand awareness and become an industry visionary on Twitter.

Provide stellar customer service:

Wouldn’t it be nice to be known as that brand that always makes its customers feel great? According to Twitter, its power users see over 80% of their inbound social customer service requests happen on Twitter. Even as a smaller brand, customer service support occuring on Twitter is a growing trend. And according to studies – 59% of questions and complaints on Twitter go unanswered. The effect? Not answering customers on social channels can lead to a 15% increase in churn rate for existing customers (Gartner).

Like most social media tasks, providing stellar customer service takes time. That’s where the first tool comes in.

Launched just a short while ago, Respond by Buffer is a new tool designed to change up the growing social media customer service desk.

Top Respond features for brand awareness:

  • One inbox, multiple Twitter accounts: Manage more than one Twitter account? Often it’s the flicking between accounts that takes up the time you should be spending conversing with customers. With one easy to use dashboard on Respond you can easily flick between accounts, provide great customer service and ensure that everyone gets a touchback from your brand.
  • Desktop and Slack notifications: Integration with the tools and screen you use everyday means it’s easy to never miss a mention. Make the most of the power of instant messaging to reply within minutes, keeping your community happy.

Reply to everyone:

Whenever I speak to users with 10,000 or more Twitter followers, they always mention replying to everyone as the key to growing their following. Conversely, busy brand accounts can miss not only the brand advocates sharing their posts and recommending them by handle, but also the mentions where there’s a slight misspelling or no handle mention at all.

Part of creating a strong thread of brand awareness throughout Twitter is ensuring that you capture everything said about your brand. Enter Twilert.

Twilert takes the power of advanced Twitter search and turns it into an easily accessible email alert that helps you stay on top of all brand mentions. Simply setup your keywords, handles or phrases and select whether you want the alerts daily, hourly or in near-realtime and Twilert will email you accordingly every time someone mentions your brand. This is similarly a great tool to track what people are saying about your competitors!

Top Twilert features for brand awareness:

  • Email alerts: If you’re keen to stay on top of your Twitter inbox without the distraction of desktop interruptions then Twilert’s email alerts are the perfect way to organise your brand communications. Decide on the frequency and you’re free to check in at the time most convenient – with search history saved for whenever you want to return to it.
  • Boolean Search Operators: Twilert helps you to utilise all of Twitter’s advanced search operators, giving you meaningful ways to pull apart the Twitter firehose and refine the tweets you want to see. Search for all of your brand terms using the ‘OR’ search operator, select specific phrases or find tweets sent to, from or mentioning specific users in order to create a 360 degree view of your brand.

Rotate content:

Finding and curating reams of content to enthrall your followers time and time again can suck the time out of your day as a social media manager, but with a little preparation you can easily setup weeks and even months worth of content.

The secret? A simple and free Google Sheet that takes an hour or two to prepare.

Just create a list of your best blogposts or articles, then do a speed-run where you think up ten (or even 20) ideas of titles and call to actions to make the posts enticing to readers. Once complete, you’ll have enough content on rotation to keep the same blogposts fueling your Twitter efforts for months to come.

Top Google Docs features for brand awareness:

  • Online: The power of Google Docs is that they’re all online! This means easy access and a simple way to copy and paste between windows in order to drop your tweets into a preferred scheduling platform such as Tweetdeck, Sprout Social or Buffer
  • Character count: The great thing about using a Google Sheet (or even an Excel spreadsheet) is that you can set the parameters to ensure you never go over Twitter’s infamous character count. Here’s a handy guide to help set this up.

Connect and collaborate with other users:

One of the fastest ways to gain traction on Twitter is to have other recognised thought-leaders talking about your brand. If you’ve ever been in a situation where you’re trying to locate a Twitter contact’s email address, or an email contact’s Twitter account you’ll know that it can be tricky and time consuming.

This is where Content Marketer comes in. This super-simple tool allows you to find the email contacts for influencers, Twitter users or anyone else who may be interested in your brand.

Recently, I wrote a post on how Twitter’s power users gain more followers on Twitter. I then used Content Marketer to find the email addresses of all of the power users I had mentioned and sent them a quick email to let them know that I was talking about them. The result? A plethora of support and sharing for the post, from some of Twitter’s biggest users!

Top Content Marketer features for brand awareness:

  • Speed: Content Marketer has two great tools that both prioritise speed. Firstly, scan your blogposts and let the tool find any influencers you have mentioned throughout the post. Secondly, tweet them from within the tool quickly and easily to let them know you’re talking about them online (and hopefully receive more social shares).
  • Automated email sending: One of my favourite Content Marketer features is that it allows you to send automated emails to the contacts you have found through your Gmail account. Each email can be personalised, but more importantly it allows you to track the open and click-through rate that regular emails would miss.

Keep your feeds fresh:

Housekeeping your Twitter feed on a regular basis is often neglected when you’re out promoting your work and connecting with other users. This is why tools such as Crowdfire are so useful to help manage your brand on Twitter.

Crowdfire allows you to manage your follower and unfollower count and has a range of tools which only take a few clicks to use. The first is its inactive/active follower feature which allows you to see the accounts you follow that have been inactive for a specific period of time. Every month it’s great practice to go through and unfollow any accounts which are inactive (particularly if they haven’t been used in six months or more) to keep your follower:following ratio down and leave more space for the users who are active. You can also see which accounts have recently unfollowed you, or the accounts that you follow who don’t follow back, allowing you to adjust your outreach strategy accordingly.

Top Crowdfire features for brand awareness:

  • Mobile app: Crowdfire’s iOS mobile app is so intuitive it makes the tool even easier to use. Each day, the limit of Twitter accounts you can unfollow/follow sits at around 100 (to ensure Twitter doesn’t view your account as spam) so the mobile app makes it easy to finish housekeeping, even while on the move.
  • Whitelist: This feature allows you to ‘whitelist’ any brand advocates, staff or digital influencers who you certainly don’t want to unfollow or re-follow automatically. This gives you a level of protection, allowing you to get on with super fast housekeeping and Twitter management.

Contrary to popular belief, managing your brand on Twitter should be easy, cost-effective and fast. With the right tools and strategy in place, it can be easy to create a manageable strategy that can work within minutes, rather than hours to schedule, refine and review content and connect with your audience.

Author: Beth Gladstone is a freelance digital marketer. You can follow her at @bethgladstone.

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