How Brands and Companies Celebrated Back to the Future Day #smlondon

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We’re officially in the “future” ladies and gents. Today – October 21st 2015 – is the day that Marty McFly and Doc Brown travel to in that famous movie about the future.

Of course, in this modern future thing we’re part of, there are now things called “hashtags” where people and “brands” can place “tweets” that include “images” and “videos”. That’s so futuristic.

Let’s get down to business. Every time there’s a big hashtag, brands jump on the opportunity to try and create something clever or funny that will get shared by tens (or hundreds or thousands) of people and receive lots of free advertising.

Throughout the day, we’ll be updating this with the best, the worst and the truly ugliest of updates from brands and companies that we see on Twitter. If you see a particularly juicy one, send it our way to @SocialMediaLond!

Let’s begin…

The Good:

Pizza Express (who, luckily, are speaking at #smlondon LIVE! 2015) have come up with a neat way of linking their product to Back to the Future:

KLM have done something extremely subtle with their tweet:

Linked to travel (again), Virgin Trains have renamed one of their trains (temporarily):

Would Marty be in First Class?

Paddy Power spent the morning pointing out mistakes from the movie:

…and another brand jumped in straight away:

Good ol’ brandter!

They also pointed out a scary resemblance:

Talking of brandter, Pepsi Max and Uber have teamed up to allow lucky users to ride in a DeLorean:

ASOS tried to relate the film to the present day by using…self checkouts and emojis?

We love a good pun here at #smlondon, and there’s no better pun than a ‘trailer’ for a movie day. Geddit? Trailer! HA. Well done Screwfix.

However, the winner of them all is Surrey Police:

Now that’s clever, and people agree:

Well done Surrey Police.

The Bad:

Of course, Mr Sugar couldn’t help but wade in, with this effort from the Apprentice:

Who says “back to the boardroom”? Really.

Evian tried to link a phone to water:

Personally, I don’t want to put electrical appliances near any water.

Piggy-backing continues with another phrase that no one says…ever…:

Great Perrier?!

Another tenuous link comes courtesy of Costa Coffee:

Yeah, because Marty and Doc would definitely be looking for coffees in the future. Oh, and it wouldn’t be pasties either.

We’re looking at you, Greggs:

Victoria Police in Australia also tried…tried really hard:

However, could they not find someone who looked remotely like Marty?

The Ugly:

We always love to celebrate those people who spend lots of time creating something that really gets a rubbish reaction.

Heathrow tried to invent a fun game, but instead produced something that looked like it had been made in Paint:

Also, I wonder if Universal will be happy…

Has anyone thought what their clock towers are doing today? Harvard did:


The DWP (Department of Work and Pensions) made this absolute howler – all related to…..pensions……..

Alex was quick to point out that if you have a time machine, surely you don’t need a pension?

Arjan was also quick to point out what a lot of people thought:

Finally, this is definitely not Luton, sorry Go Luton Taxis:

Although, I wouldn’t mind if Luton was New York City…

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Laurence Hebberd

Senior Account Manager at Link Humans
Laurence Hebberd is Head Honcho of #smlondon and King of Content for Link Humans. You can follow him @LaurenceHebberd.

Laurence Hebberd

Laurence Hebberd is Head Honcho of #smlondon and King of Content for Link Humans. You can follow him @LaurenceHebberd.

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