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Natalie was a recent guest on the #smlondon tweetchatcheck out the rest of the guests, subjects and more here.

On Tuesday 26th July, I was a guest host of the weekly #smlondon tweetchat:

The topic: engagement… the answers: interesting! She said:

As a social media marketer for mainly B2B businesses, I often daydream of less red tape so that I can make social media feeds more ‘real’, interactive and unlike 99% of the other B2B accounts that are out there. As they say #struggleisreal so in this #smlondon chat I wanted to find out which B2B brands are winning in the social media stakes as well as exploring what B2B brands learn from their B2C cousins.


Some headline observations from the tweetchat were:

1) Top networks for engagement and user generated content:

While Twitter was unsurprising and the top social media network mentioned for engagement, Snapchat and Instagram were not far behind especially for UGC:

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2) B2C vs. B2B:

While everyone, more of less, agreed that B2C brands have an easier time with engagement and UCG on social media, it was decided with the amazing content and targeted campaigns that B2B brands could step up to the mark.

Whereas B2C have a wider audience and are talking directly to the consumer, B2B brands are often conversing (or trying to) with another marketer and not the decision makers. It may take more time for B2B brands to generate engagement, but with a clear-targeted strategy, realistic goals, and a ‘human’ voice the world is your oyster:

3) How can B2B brands encourage engagement?

There were lots of suggestions here including:

  • Asking for (and sharing) feedback.
  • Checking in when visiting clients.
  • Writing interesting blogs, case studies, white papers and vlogs with a CTA.
  • Utilising hashtags and possibly setting up a unique one for your business.
  • Get involved with tweetchats & networking hours.
  • Be MORE human & show some ‘behind the scenes’ action.

It was clear that everyone thought that B2B businesses have to focus on the long game – provide their audience with value and give them a reason to follow you by regularly supplying them with interesting and helpful content that would (hopefully) result in some form of engagement.

4) B2B brands that do well on social media:

This question had the least answers BUT the most interesting ones. Bar some self-promotion from various tweeters, some of the big players mentioned were:

  • John Deere
  • Hootsuite
  • IBM
  • Cisco
  • Google UK
  • Buffer
  • Canva

5) B2C brands that do well on social media:

It was safe to say that the B2C question re-opened the floodgates with a few of regular favourites being mentioned that popped on afterwards to say thank you (see B2B that is how you do it!):

6) How do you measure engagement?

Each social media platform has a set of analytic tools and whatever metrics you choose to measure yourself by, just make sure you stick to them and do it regularly.

My top suggestions would be:

  • Twitter: engagement %, RT’s, replies & mentions.
  • Facebook: post reach.
  • Pinterest: average monthly engagement.
  • Instagram: comments, likes & mentions.
  • LinkedIn: reach and engagement %.
  • YouTube: views & time spent watching.
  • Snapchat: views.
  • Website: hits & conversions.

Is there anything you would add to any of these points? Let me know over on Twitter @NatalieTFG.

If you want to see the full chat you can find it below:

Author: Natalie Weaving is Director of Typeface Group.

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Guest Blogger

This post is written by a guest author. If you are interested in submitting a guest post, check out our Guest Post Guidelines - we look forward to hearing from you!