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How to Ensure Social Success in the Insurance Industry #smlondon

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Did you ever wonder how the heavily regulated and traditional insurance industry can make use of social media? I speak to Keith Lewis of Zurich Insurance in the UK to learn how they are using LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube to tell stories to their target audiences of consumers, brokers and employees. Listen to the interview on…

How to Use LinkedIn in Your Social Selling Strategy #smlondon

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How do you implement social selling in a B2B organisation? What social networks should you use? How can you visualise your product offering? To get some answers, I spoke to Mike Davies, UK Head of Business Development at Santander UK Corporate & Commercial. Have a listen to the interview on iTunes, Soundcloud or keep reading for a summary…

How to Bluff Your Way Through Social Media #smlondon

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Why is social media really nothing new? Why is Twitter king and LinkedIn boring? How do you deal with trolls on social media? What’s vaguebooking? To get some answers, I speak to Susie Boniface, journalist and author of “The Bluffer’s Guide to Social Media“. Have a listen to the interview on iTunes,Soundcloud or keep reading for…

How to Crack Employer Branding on Social Media #smlondon

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How do employers know what social media updates they should be doing? How can they know what their audience thinks of these updates? What are the best-in-class employer brands doing on social? To get some answers, I’ve spoken to everyone’s favourite Canadian in Sydney; David Brudenell, Chief Digital Officer of Universum. Listen to the interview on iTunes,…

How to Tell Your Story with Content Marketing #smlondon

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Isn’t there enough content out there already? How can business owners find time for social? How can we ensure we keep it human online? I speak to Chris Marr of the Content Marketing Academy to get all the answers. Listen to the interview on iTunes, SoundCloud or keep reading for a summary of our conversation. And be sure…

Why Your Brand Should Be Listening #smlondon

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How can brands benefit from becoming listening brands? How do you go about setting up a listening infrastructure? What are some of the typical pitfalls? I spoke to JR Little, who is the author of “Listening Brands – How Data is Rewriting the Rules of Branding“, and Global Head of Innovation at Carat to get…