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Increasing Website Conversions with Trust Signals #smlondon

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How do you make sure your website is the most credible and trustworthy site out there? Well thankfully in this digital era there are ways and means of doing just that. I’ve spoken to Filip Matous who is a Digital Strategist and author of ‘How To Get Your Website Noticed‘, to find out more. Have…

The State of UK Content Marketing in 2017

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UK marketers who report high levels of commitment to content marketing do things differently than their peers, and that provides some useful insight for all content marketers. That’s just one of the findings in the new content marketing research, Content Marketing in the UK 2017: Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends by Content Marketing Institute (CMI). The…

How to Build a Strong Company Website #smlondon

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Websites have been around as long as emails, and have been declared dead as many times. But they still hang in there and any company does need to have one. How do you design and build an effective website for your organisation? I’ve had a chat with Keren Lerner of design agency Top Left Design to get…

Why Employee Advocacy is Important For Your Business #smlondon

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How do you tap into the power of an engaged workforce on social media? To find out, I’ve had a chat with Ed Terpening of Altimeter Group who has done extensive research in the employee advocacy space. Listen to the podcast interview on iTunes, SoundCloud or keep reading for a summary of our chat. What results do brands expect…

How Snapchat Helps Brands Tell Social Stories #smlondon

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Have you embraced Snapchat for marketing yet? Many brands are struggling to get their heads around the destructive messaging app which keeps growing and innovating. To understand what the platform can do for your brand, I’ve spoken to Victoria Taylor of Blend Social. Listen to the interview on iTunes, Stitcher or keep reading for a summary of…

How Employees Can Steer Your Marketing Machine #smlondon

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How does employee advocacy actually work and what are the do’s and don’ts? I speak to Glenn Gaudet, Founder and President of GaggleAMP to find out all about it. Listen to the interview on iTunes, SoundCloud or keep reading for a summary of our conversation. This week’s tip of the week is Visually and there’s still…