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3 Ways to Win at Social Customer Support #smlondon

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The future of customer service is online. Social networks are powerful platforms which businesses and brands can use to connect with customers and influencers in a positive, constructive way. That there is an entire generation of digital natives ­ those who’ve grown up with the internet as a constant companion ­ cannot be ignored nor…

5 Innovative Ways to Use Facebook Groups #smlondon

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Facebook groups are pretty underrated. The possibility of creating special groups within this giant network hold a true potential for canny marketers. Because today there are lots and lots of other “methods” and “strategies” for generating traffic and brand awareness, Facebook groups often become neglected. In most of the cases, managing a Facebook group doesn’t take…

Want to Increase Social Media ROI? 10 Experts Share Their Tips

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Social media is the mecca of content discussion and sharing. If your business wants something to be acknowledged, it has to be on social media. For 2017 you’ve decided to put more money towards your social media marketing strategy, but how do you increase your return on your investments? Here are 10 experts and their…

7 Tips to Using YouTube for Marketing Purposes #smlondon

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In a world that is almost fully HD, with countless uploads every second, the fastest way to reach masses is through YouTube. Aside from being a video repository, YouTube has an enormous marketing potential. Its users are ten times more likely to engage, embed, and share contents than on other social media. In short, YouTube…

6 Content Ideas to Boost your Social Media Campaigns #smlondon

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ideas for evergeen content

Nothing is worse than tirelessly constructing content that will die in relevancy faster than it circulates. Because of this, it’s important to create a backbone of evergreen content to keep you afloat. Once you develop a functioning evergreen system, it becomes easier than ever to routinely update your social media profiles with content your followers…

Integrated Content Marketing: How to Make Your Content Work Harder #smlondon

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Marketing managers all over the world are coming under increasing pressure to prove the ROI of their content strategy. The hard-and-fast metrics of pay-per-click and native social media ads have enabled comparatively easy tracking of conversion rates, leading to some bold proclamations that traditional content marketing is dead. Indeed, Beckon – a marketing analytics firm…