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Top 3 Social Media Event Marketing Trends #EventProfs Must Know

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trendy eventers

More and more people are attending events, especially Millennials. In a survey by Eventbrite in 2016, about 89% of Millennials aged 18 to 34 said they attended an event, and feeling connected with other people is one of their biggest reasons for booking their tickets. For brands and marketers, this growing popularity of live events…

11 Tricks to Create Great Facebook Ad Designs #smlondon

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advertising on facebook

Facebook is, hands down, the leading social network at the moment. Millions of people use it every single day. So it comes as no surprise that a huge number of brands and businesses use Facebook ads in order to promote their services or products. With that said, it is clear that you will be able…

10 Myths About Instagram for Business´╗┐ #smlondon

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insta for biz

Instagram is one of the rising stars in the social media world with unmatched growth rate. According to fresh estimations, the platform had more than 800 million users, and more than a half of that amount uses it on a daily basis. Rivals like Snapchat are way behind with 160 million users. Every one of…